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Chemeketan Cabin

The Chemeketan cabin, Thunderbird Lodge, is located about 65 miles from Salem on U.S. Forest Service land near Mt. Jefferson. There are numerous hiking trails in the area and in winter there is usually enough snow for skiing on the road or nearby trails.

Rental: Minimum rental fee for the cabin is $30.00 per night or: members $7.00 and guests $10.00. Children under 12 are free. For reservations see the Cabin Contacts below.

The cabin is available to Chemeketan members and their guests on a private basis. There must be at least one adult Chemeketan member in attendance. For rental fees and to arrange for rental see the Cabin Contacts below.

Chemeketan Cabin Campground: Nightly charge: members $3.00, guests: $4.00. Children under 12 are free. Camp on the secluded, private grounds of the Chemeketan Cabin on Whitewater Creek. Fee includes gated, locked entrance, toilets, firepit and wood. No drinking water. No access to cabin interior. For reservations see the Cabin Contacts below.

Facilities: The cabin is rustic wood frame construction. Water is obtained from the nearby creek (drinking water must be boiled or brought from home). Latrines are old-fashioned outhouses. The building is heated by two wood stoves and a fireplace. Cooking is done on a wood range or bring your own bottled gas stove (or rent ours). There is no electricity at the cabin. Propane lanterns only and/or flashlights are used for light. There is no garbage service at the cabin so plan to pack it out.

Space: There is bunk space for 25 people. Additional people could sleep on the floor or in their vehicles but more than 30 people tends to tax all the facilities. Users provide their own sleeping bags and mattresses. A good, heavy sleeping bag is a must in the winter. Some blankets are available. There is no smoking inside the cabin, no pets inside or out, and no alcoholic beverages. You may park your car at the cabin which has a locked gate.

Cabin Information and Forms: click to download these documents in .pdf format

Cabin Contacts:

Permit: View the Special Use Permit here.

Revised 6 June 2017