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Chemeketan Store

Thumbnail Graphic A variety of Chemeketan merchandise is available from the Chemeketan Store.
Contact Roz Shirack at to order and for details.

Chemeketan T-shirts

Adult navy, S, M, L, XL$12
Women’s navy, S, M, L$10
Adult charcoal long sleeve, S, M, L, XL$15
Bandanas, light blue or black$6

(T-shirts and bandanas are available at Salem Summit Co, 246 State St, in Salem.)

Other Items

Thunderbird embroidered patch, red, 3 inches$2
Thunderbird metal pin, ¾ inches$1
Adult T-shirts from prior Outings, M, L$5
Child T-shirts, light blue, sizes 10-16$3 ! Price Reduction !
Mt. Adams 2001 patch, 4 inches$2
Thunderbird red and blue decal, 3 inches25 cents

T-shirts Available
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Revised 21 June 2017