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Chemeketan Climbing Classification System

The Chemeketan Climbing Classification System (CCCS) described below is intended to provide anyone interested in participating in a scheduled Chemeketan climb with basic information on the type (i.e., rock, snow, mixed) and difficulty (i.e., levels 1,2, and 3) of the climb. Following is a brief description of the CCCS:

In addition, Chemeketan climbs are rated according to the amount of experience necessary for a climber to participate in a particular climb. The three levels of climbing experience for Chemeketan climbs are as follows:

Climbs listed in the Chemeketan climbing schedule are rated according to the type and difficulty to enable climbers to more easily determine if they are qualified for a particular climb. For example, a climb rated S-1 would be a relatively easy snow climb (e.g. Mt. Hood, South Side); R-2 would be a fairly difficult rock climb (e.g. Mt. Washington, West Ridge); and M-3 would be a difficult mixed climb (e.g. Mt. Shuksan, North Face).

Activity information is provided to members in The Chemeketan our monthly bulletin. To receive a complimentary two-month subscription to The Chemeketan and for more information about membership, contact the Membership Secretary.

revised 2008 December 19