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Climbing Program

The Chemeketan climbing program provides a variety of activities, training, and climbs ranging from those suitable for first year climbers to more technical climbs for experienced mountaineers. All climbs on the schedule, including the climb school, are qualifying trips for Chemeketan membership. Completion of the Chemeketan climb school, or an equivalent climb school experience as approved by the leader of each individual climb, is required for participation in Chemeketan climbs.

Chemeketan climbs are limited in party size. All wilderness area activities are limited to no more than 12 participants by the Forest Service, and most climbs will have fewer depending on the nature of the climb and the preferences of the climb leader. Climbers interested in a particular climb should contact the leader as soon as possible to sign up in advance of the climb. Details of Chemeketan climbs are sometimes provided in the monthly bulletin prior to a scheduled climb, but interested individuals should check the schedule below and contact the individual climb leaders for more information.

The Climb Committee co-chairs are Garry Stephenson and Mike Pennington.

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Climbing Schedule

Interpreting the climb schedule: the dates and days of the particular climbs/activities are listed chronologically, along with the climb leader. Many of the various mountains or locations are given as links. To learn more about the particular mountain, click its link and a new webpage will appear with a description of the peak, access information, pictures, and some route descriptions. The climb leader’s name is also given as a link which, if clicked, will open a new email to that individual – use this to contact the leader. See the Chemeketan Climbing Classification System below for descriptions of the nature and likely difficulty of the climb, e.g., R1.

Getting on a climb: If, after investigating a particular climb, you feel you’d like to participate, please contact the climb leader via email (click the leader’s name link) or telephone. The leader will most likely inquire as to your experience, offer some further information on the climb, and inform you of your status. Some climbs are appropriate only for those with more experience, and all climbs are limited in party size at the discretion of the leader.

Watch this page as this year's climb schedule develops and changes.

Send an email directly to the Climb Leader to request a position on the climb team.

Climbing Schedule Key
Climbs   (* denotes activities available to first year climbers)
Training Opportunities (more info)
Social Events (more info)

2018 Climbing Schedule

Click the "?" on the schedule below for additional details about the climb.
Date DayActivity/Rating Climb Leader
Feb 21Wed?Steve Dougherty
Feb 24Sat?Steve Dougherty
Feb 25Sun?Steve Dougherty
Mar 24 - Mar 25Sat-Sun?Mike Niemeyer
Mar 26Mon
Dirtbag: The Legend of Fred Beckey
?Mike Pennington
Apr 3Tue
Climb School Pod Leader/Asst Crash Course - Salem Summit Co 630pm
?Michael Rudy
Apr 11Wed
Climb School Classroom Session #1
?Billy Bob Davis
Apr 17Tue
Rock Pro & Anchor Building Classroom Session
?Michael Rudy
Apr 18Wed
Climb School Classroom Session #2
?Billy Bob Davis
Apr 20Fri
Rock Pro & Anchor Building at Horsethief Butte
?Mike Rudy
Apr 21 - Apr 22Sat-Sun
Climb School Field Session
?Billy Bob Davis
Apr 28Sat
Advanced Snow Skills
?Chris Salaz
Apr 29Sun
Intermediate Snow Skills*
?Chris Salaz
May 5 - May 6Sat-Sun
Intro to Smith Rock Climbing
?Michael Rudy
May 5Sat?Mason Smith
May 12Sat
The Columns Cragging C1* (Eugene, OR)
?Billy Bob Davis
May 15Tue?Garry Stephenson/Ellen Gradison
May 19 - May 20Sat-Sun
Intro to Sport Climbing*
?Erin Dubuc
Jun 2 - Jun 3Sat-Sun?Sue Nelson
Jun 9 - Jun 10Sat-Sun?Bryon Snapp
Jun 10Sun?Scott Phillips
Jun 14 - Jun 16Thu-Sat?Garry Stephenson
Jun 15 - Jun 16Fri-Sat?Mike Pennington
Jun 22 - Jun 24Fri-Sun?Michael Gurley
Jun 25 - Jun 27Mon-Wed?Ellen Gradison/Garry Stephenson
Jun 28 - Jul 1Thu-Sun?Mason Smith/Mike Pennington
Jul 12 - Jul 16Thu-Mon?Chris Salaz
Jul 13 - Jul 17Fri-Tue?Sue Nelson
Jul 19 - Jul 22Thu-Sun?Bill Saur
Jul 27Fri?Bryon Snapp
Jul 28 - Jul 29Sat-Sun?Scott Phillips
Aug 1Wed?Gabe Starr
Aug 1Wed?Mike Pennington
Aug 3 - Aug 5Fri-Sun?Bill Saur
Aug 4 - Aug 11Sat-Sat
Yosemite East Side, Tuolumne Meadows, R1–R3*
?Scott Phillips
Aug 9 - Aug 12Thu-Sun?Mike Pennington/Garry Stephenson
Aug 10 - Aug 13Fri-Mon?Billy Bob Davis
Aug 16 - Aug 19Thu-Sun?Chris Salaz
Aug 18Sat?Mike Buren
Aug 25 - Aug 26Sat-Sun
Bulo Point Crag Climbing C2
?Erin Dubuc
Aug 25Sat?Michael Gurley
Sep 1 - Sep 3Sat-Mon?Scott Phillips
Sep 1Sat?Bryon Snapp/Mike Pennington
Sep 6 - Sep 9Thu-Sun?Leader: Garry Stephenson/Asst Lead Shonee Langford
Sep 7 - Sep 9Fri-Sun?Michael Gurley
Sep 8 - Sep 9Sat-Sun?Bill Saur
Sep 8Sat?Mike Buren
Sep 8Sat?Gabe Starr/Chris Salaz
Sep 14 - Sep 16Fri-Sun?Gabe Starr
Sep 15Sat?Mike Pennington
Sep 29 - Sep 30Sat-Sun?Bill Saur

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