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Useful links for communicating with club officers and members.

Membership Secretary: Send email to the Membership Secretary ( ) for general information or with address changes. (Use an unambiguous subject line and include a surface mail address with your email.) You may also write to: The Chemeketans, Membership Secretary, PO Box 864, Salem OR 97308

Bulletin Editors: Send email about The Chemeketan, our monthly bulletin, to the Bulletin Editors ( ).  You may submit items for the Bulletin no later than the first of the preceding month.

Executive Council: The Council manages the affairs of the Chemeketans and consists of a board of nine members. The Council meets monthly to carry out the business of the club and welcomes all Club members to attend. You can email the Council members ( ) with questions and comments.

Webmaster: Send email to the Webmaster ( ) about web page changes, additions, or errors. Please include "Webmaster:" at the beginning of the subject line.

Revised 21 June 2017