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Membership Information

Prospective Members: Complete the Membership Information Request Form and you'll receive a free two-month Chemeketan Bulletin subscription and other information about the Chemeketans. (The Chemeketan Bulletin is a compilation of activities for the month, future events, news, trip reports, and executive council meeting reports.)

Membership Secretary: (or write to: The Chemeketans, Membership Secretary, PO Box 864, Salem OR 97308) Contact the Membership Secretary for general information or with address changes. (Use an unambiguous subject line & include a surface mail address with your email.)

Membership Application: You may apply for membership after completing two "qualifying trips" with the club. A qualifying trip is any Chemeketan-sponsored outdoor activity, including attendance on a trail maintenance or cabin work trip.

To complete your qualifying trips, first download and print the Membership Application (PDF format). On each trip, be sure your trip leaders sign the form verifying your participation. Mail your completed form and membership fee to the Membership Secretary. Refer to the Membership Application for the fee amount.

A person of any age may become a member. People under 18 years of age are considered Junior Members. Junior Members have the advantage of paying less but do not have voting rights. They enjoy all the other benefits of membership.

Membership is not automatic. You become a member when your application is approved at the next regular meeting of the Chemeketan Executive Council. The Club will then mail you a Prospectus, which you can consider your notice of membership. (The Prospectus is our annual publication containing the roster of members, list of Club volunteers, calendar of events, and description of activities including the Annual Outing.)

Annual Dues: Annual membership dues are $20 for each Adult and $3 for each Junior member.

revised 1 Oct 2013