Mt Jefferson
Sharing A Common Interest
In Outdoor Activities

Thinking about Becoming a Member?

A person of any age may become a member. Our activities cover a wide range of abilities. We encourage you to look through recent Bulletins and to read reports from enthusiastic participants to see the types of activities we offer. If you are 18 or older, you are considered an Adult and your fee is $20 per year. If you are 17 or younger, you are considered a Junior Member and enjoy all the benefits of membership except voting rights but pay only $3 per year.

Some Benefits of Membership

  • Share the outdoors with our club of about 650 members.
  • Have opportunities to volunteer for such things as leading trips, maintaining trails, and serving on the governing Council.
  • Receive the annual Prospectus containing the roster of members, list of Club volunteers, calendar of events, and descriptions of activities including the Annual Outing.
  • Receive email notices announcing event changes or additions.
  • Take advantage of discounts at selected stores and activities such as the Annual Outing and the Climb School.

How To Become A Member Or Reactivate Your Membership

(1) Go to the Membership Application and follow the instructions at the top. If you are reactivating your membership, skip step 2.

(2) Participate in two active, outdoor qualifying events sponsored by the Chemeketans. After each event, have your leader sign your Application.

(3) Mail your application and fee to the Membership Secretary address listed on the application.

(4) You become a member when your application is approved at the next regular meeting of the Chemeketan Executive Council. The Club will then mail you a Prospectus, which you can consider your notice of membership.

You can find our activities listed on the Calendar and in the Bulletin. Non-members are welcome on all Chemeketan activities as long as the leader feels that you are qualified to participate. For more information about an activity, contact the leader listed in the Bulletin.

For general information or with address changes, contact the Membership Secretary at, or write to The Chemeketans, c/o Membership Secretary, PO Box 864, Salem OR 97308. If you send an email, use an unambiguous subject line and include a surface mail address and a phone number.

Revised 24 July 2017