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"In the steps of ...", April 21
We had a gorgeous day for a very satisfying hike. From the Trappist Abbey -- where we bought fruitcakes, of course -- we hiked up to the crest and to the rustic shrine. We had lunch near the shrine, with panorama of the valley below. We shared one of the fruitcakes, and pronounced it just about the best fruitcake any of us had ever tasted! Much of the trip back down was in forest. The main wildflowers sighted were wild iris, wood violets, and lamb's tongue. This was the second year I led this hike; we thank Bill Sullivan for drawing our attention to it in the SJ. Guests were Kathy Bridges, Shawnese Murphy, and Cheryl Weatherly; members were Mary Elliott, Eileen Harder, Rebecca Horlacher, Nameun House, Rosamund Irwin, Gwyn Marsh, Rebecca Sexton, Roz Shirack, Ellen Simpson, and leader George Struble.

Dimple Hill, April 18
We enjoyed hiking Dimple Hill on a mild and dry spring day. After the hike we went into Corvallis for lunch at Market of Choice. A good time was had by all! Participants were Phil Hopkins, Kurt Shaw (qualifying hike), Eileen Harder, Robbie Earon, Vickie Kimpton, Joanne Schiedler, Corriene Thompson, Doris deLespinasse (guest), and leader Beverly Hassell

Stahlman Point Hike, April 14
Great day for a hike to Stahlman Point....NO RAIN, a bit of snow on the trail and a beautiful view at the top. Chemeketan members Mary Coleman, Bev Hassell and Rebecca Sexton along with future member Lindsey Kraayenbrink accompanied leader, Eileen Harder on this close to home favorite trail.

Cascadia Petroglyphs, April 6
Ken Ash, Zsa DuBois, Rosamund Irwin, Michelle Litke, Sam Litke. As could be expected, we departed Salem in the rain. The windshield wipers were flapping all the way to Sweet Home. By the time we reached Cascadia, the rain had slowed to a drizzle. We hiked to Soda Creek Falls before proceeding up the South Santiam To the Petroglyphs. The trail to the falls had been rocked in places and there were blown down tree limbs on the trail that actually provided traction in some of the steep, slippery places. Mud, downed large trees and a small creek crossing provided just enough obstacles to keep us focused on the trail. We spent some time studying the walls of the rock overhang and were able to make out a fair amount of petroglyphs. The sun actually joined us for our lunch along Soda Creek and the return to the parking lot.

Silver Falls Waerfall Loop, April 4
We had no rain, and even a little sun. We enjoyed the waterfalls with lots of water. It was early for wildflowers, but we did see skunk cabbage, trilliums, wood violets, and several different plants that one of our members identified as "spring beauty." Turns out that's the code for "I don't know what it is." No matter; we had a fine day. Members Marcel Conley, Bev Hassell, and George Struble, leader.

Skyline & Croisan Trails , March 28
On an early spring day we were delighted to be out hiking forest and meadows in South Salem. Good weather and friendly conversation made for a pleasant outing. Participants were Marcia Hoak, Judi Morris, Ed Mattson, Kay Duffy, Corriene Thompson, Kalina Walker on a qualifying hike, and leader Beverly Hassell.

Shellburg Falls, March 24
This was supposed to be a hike to Opal Pool; however, substantial snow in the foothills made us choose a location with better access. We found light snow in the fields at the beginning and encountered 5-6 inches on the upper parts of the Shellburg Creek and August Mountain trails. Everyone enjoyed this hike in the unusual winter setting even though conditions were sometimes slippery and strenuous. Participants were Jane Maute, Bev Hassel, Rosamund Irwin, Jim Sellers, Julie Gilreath and ldr Bill Wylie.

Bush Park, Deepwood & Willamette Hike, March 20
We met at the soap box derby sign in Bush Park and headed east and then south through the park to the Rhododendron Hillside. Then we took the bridge over Pringle Creek to 12th Street which we took to Deepwood Estate. We explored their cultivated gardens and the wildflower rich area downhill from the house where we saw hundreds of Fawn Lilies in bloom and the start of some Hooker’s Fairy Bells and Solomon Seals. Then we headed to the Willamette campus and walked through the Martha Springer Garden where we saw a lot more beautiful things in bloom or about to bloom. We continued to the Capitol Mall where the branches of the cherry trees were just starting to turn pink before their flowers broke through. On our way back to our starting point we walked through Pringle Park and stopped to explore the area where Pringle Creek and Shelton Ditch join under the Church Street Bridge. Participants were Betsy Bures who was in the process of becoming a club member, members Kathy Annese, Lin Crimshaw, Sylvia Dawson, Corriene Thompson, Greda van Veen, Pam Wojcik, Robert Roner and leader Carol Soderberg.

Fitton Green, March 18
The day was cloudy, but we had very little precipitation. Trail conditions were good with few muddy spots. We had a clear view of Marys Peak and Kings Valley. A majority of our hikers had never been to Fitton Green before. Participants were Margaret Saxe, Silvia Dawson, John Huff, Rosanne Wilson, Alice Liffey, Ann Bonds, Ellen Gradison, Ken Ash, Zsa Dubois and Ldr Bill Wylie.

Balch Creek Hike, March 7
Though this event was listed as a “Balch Creek” hike the Lower Macleay trial was closed for repairs so I had to reinvent the route to bypass that area. We started out by taking some of the steep streets of Willamette Heights to the Aspen Trail which took us to the Wildwood Trail. We took that to the Birch Trail which dumped us out on NW 53rd Street. That took us to Holman Lane which is an improved dirt road. The portion that we were on was downhill and slick with mud which was a sort of a challenge to navigate. That took us back into Willamette Heights. From there we headed to Besaw's in the Slabtown district where we had a fabulous lunch to end our day. We all had a wonderful time despite my having a couple of “hiccups” along the way with figuring out the route. Participants were members Kathy Annese, Sylvia Dawson, Judy Vaughan, Janet Templar, Suzy Overturf, Nancy Rockwell and Trish Rossitto. Also on the trip were Julie Gilbreath and Betsy Bures who were in the process of becoming members and leader Carol Soderberg.

Cascade Head Hike, March 4
Six eager hikers ventured out on this clear, sunny day with just enough wind to keep us from overheating. The winter rains left the trail a bit muddy in places, but we all managed to stay upright through the whole hike .The views of the Salmon River and the blue Ocean were spectacular and hiking with this fun group made it even more enjoyable. Participants were, members: Ken Ash, Zsa Dubois.Guests: Lark Reece, Lindsey Butterworth, Ed Mattson and leader Margaret Saxe.

Mt Hood Snowshoe, March 3
This was the 2nd official snowshoe of the year! The leader chose to do Trillium Lake. It was a great day, with great weather and great snow. Robert Wagner came from West Linn and met us at Government Camp. Jay Orand came from Hood River and met us at the parking lot. Others in attendance where Lynnette Olesen, Becky Englen, Barb Schram, Tom Davis and leader Deanna Davis.

Silver Falls Hike, February 18
I couldn't believe the ominous forecast kept my fellow Chemeketans away, but Chemeketan-to-be-Anne Reiling and I had a great time hiking at Silver Falls. The paths were just wet (not slippery) and there was lots of water falling over the falls. The light snow and beautiful snow on the trees were a bonus. It was getting snowier when we got out of the canyon, so our timing was great.

Engelwood/State Hospital Hike, February 15
It was a beautiful sunny day for a hike. Starting from Engelwood School we walked down 21st Street noting the interesting houses. Then we paid our historic respects to Jason Lee and other early Salem residents at the Lee Cemetery and to past residents of the State Hospital at the memorial columbarium on the State Hospital grounds. We can also attest that the coffee and cinnamon rolls at Fresh Start Market are delicious and that the Master Gardeners are gearing up for plant season. Enjoying the day were members Kay Duffey, Karen Waggoner Robert Roner, Greda van Veen, leader Pat Simila.

Shellburg Falls, February 11
It was a cool and cloudy day with a couple of showers along the way. We hiked past the falls, camp ground and returned by way of the August Mountain Trail. We also used the Chemeketan Tail created by our trail maintenance team in 2016. There was a stop for refreshments and visit at the Gingerbread House afterward. Participants were Roz Shirack, Trish Rissitto, Clifford Hartman, Joyce Armstrong and ldr Bill Wylie.

Milwaukie and MAX Hike, February 10
We took the Trolley Trail north from Oak Grove to Milwaukie and passed by their beautiful new riverfront park. Then we continued north to Sellwood and wandered through that neighborhood’s lovely streets to New Seasons where we took a long break to kill time since we had a late lunch reservation at Papa Haydn East. Since we had time on our hands, as we continued toward the restaurant we stopped in at some of the shops in downtown Sellwood and meandered through most of the streets along the way. We eventually got to Papa Haydn East and had a fabulous meal. Everyone seemed to enjoy the experience. After lunch we walked another mile north into Brooklyn where we got on the Orange Line MAX which we took south to its final stop. After we got off the train we had a short half a mile walk back to our starting point. As usual one of the best parts of the day was the wonderful group of folks on the trip. Participants were members Sylvia Dawson, Susan Hoskins, Susan Arbor, Judy Vaughan, Phyllis Benanti, Nameun House, Kay Duffey, Patty Schaffers, Greda van Veen and leader Carol Soderberg.

Little North Fork Santiam, February 3
We had a fantastic group of hikers, mostly Non-Members that wanted to get out and enjoy the fresh air of the Little N.Fork Santiam River Canyon. Was a persistent drizzle, but not cold and not enough to stop us. The river was high and beautiful. The trail is in good shape, but we did get stopped at about the 2 mile mark at a creek crossing that we felt better not to take the risk of crossing, so instead turned back and did take a side spur over looking the river. Hikers were Teresa Amen, Namum House, Delmy Edwards, Karla Ridling, Valerie Reynolds, Deb Jepsen, Patrick Harasims, and Leader Rick Jorgensen. Thanks for coming.

Mt Pisgah, January 28
We had a rare 62 degree January day with clear skies for the hike. We started from the North trailhead and traversed the length of the ridge heading South. At the summit we had views of Diamond Peak and The Sisters as well as the Southern Willamette valley. On the return we went through the arboretum and ran into Eugene Chemeketan Mari Baldwin. Judging by the signs we did five plus miles. Hikers were Zsa DuBois, Eileen Harder, Ken Ash, Tim Taylor, Jason McHuff, first timer Don Orrick, and leader John Huff.

Shellurg Falls, January 27
The weather forecast was less than ideal: probability of rain 74% with 22 mph winds, in other words sideways rain. It didn't turn out that way, only a little rain heavy drizzle at the beginning and practically no wind. The hike was pleasant as we hiked to the three falls and the Vine Maple loop. We saw two Dunn's salamanders and several Oregon Newts, Zsa was the champion newt spotted by being first to spot over half the newts we saw. Chemeketan members: Ken Ash, Zsa DuBois, and GwenEllyn Anderson. Leader: Wayne Wallace

Cape Lookout, January 20
Six of us weather-optimists were rewarded; the rain stopped just as we drove into the trailhead parking lot, and we stayed dry for the whole hike. We even had some sunshine, and just one small sprinkle. The wind picked up, but was not cold. We were reminded of one of the reasons we love Oregon forests: they stay green in the winter, with salal, ferns, moss, and the sitka spruces. Guests Dennis Dunn and Patrick Harkins; members GwenEllyn Anderson, Mary Elliott, Rosamund Irwin, and George Struble, leader.

Fitton Green, January 14
It was a sunny, cold and calm day. Fog was present just as we reached Corvallis. Fitton Green was above the fog and there was a spectacularly clear view to the coast range. We returned by way of the Mulkey Creek trail where there has been clearing for restoration of the oak forest. We had a good visit afterward at the New Morning Bakery. Participants were Rob Shirack, Nameun House, Lark Reece and Ldr Bill Wylie.

Shellburg Falls, January 13
January is supposed to be cold and wet. Not on this day! Temp was in the low 50's and nary a rain cloud in site. A GREAT group of folks hiked throughout the State Recreation Area. We hiked over the back hill and the full length of the August Mountain trail as well as the two sections of the Vine Maple trail and, of course under the waterfall. We saw the various sections of trail that the Chemeketans trail maintenance crew worked on a couple of years ago which includes an extension of 0.4 mile to the August Mountain trail. I tried to take credit for the great weather but it was just luck. Leader M. Rieke, guests Eileen Harder, Nameun House,Tanya Johnson, Judy Coyle, Rosanne Wilson, Lark Reece, Rebecca Sexton, Sylvia Dawson, Barbara Skog and Maureen Bouchard.

William L. Finley NWR, January 7
Members Ted Young, Susan Hoskins, Robbie Earon, Gayle Smith, Diana Gleason and Randy Selig and guests Carol Jones, Linda Moore and Don Upjohn joined leader Georgienne Young to hike at William L. Finley on two connecting trails, the Woodpecker Loop and the Mill Hill Loop for a total of 5.1 miles. Our bird sightings included a magnificent pair of Hooded Mergansers. The forecast for today had not been promising but we got lucky in having dry skies until we were all back in our cars heading to Corvallis New Morning Bakery for well earned refreshments following the activity.

New Year’s Day Salem Hike, January 1
The weather was wonderful on New Year’s Day, so we had a huge turnout for this local urban hike. Seventeen of us wandered through Bush Park then crossed the bridge over Pringle Creek and continued to the gardens at Deepwood Estate. Then we headed to the Willamette campus and walked through the Martha Springer garden where there were a huge number of Mallard ducks congregated on the Mill Race. We crossed State Street and walked around the Capitol grounds a bit before heading back to the Trade Street underpass which took us to Pringle Plaza. Then we walked through downtown and continued to Riverfront Park where we checked out the skating rink. We walked out onto the Minto Brown Island bridge and paused to enjoy the sun shining on the river. There were a ton of folks out and about in Riverfront Park and at Minto Brown soaking up the sunshine. We headed back through downtown and on to Pringle Park on our way back to our starting point. It was a wonderful hike made perfect by the congenial participants. Participants were guests, Sue Sergeant, Tonya Johnson, Julie Gilreath and members, Sylvia Dawson, Janet Templar, Kathy Rutherford, Pat Simila, Gayle Smith, Lin Crimshaw, Pam Wasson, GwenEllyn Anderson, Greda van Veen, Susan Hoskins, Suzanne Reingans, Paul Mosher, Denise Mosher and leader Carol Soderberg.