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Completed trips and other events, listed by trip date. Descriptions provided by the Leaders.

Silver Falls, January 9
This hike was Plan E. A through D did not come to fruition due to a landslide on the trail, a gate across the access road, a road closure and, what turned out to be an erroneous weather forecast. Most prospective participants fell by the wayside due to one of the above, but four die-hards went to Silver Falls and enjoyed the North Falls loop trail. The four were Ralph Nafziger, Tim Taylor, Mary Elliott and ldr Betsy Belshaw. The morale of this story is "never give up".

Upper Dan's Trail, January 16
This was a wet and breezy hike. The top of Dimple Hill had a substantial amount of wind whipping through the tall timber. A very limited view of course. We finished the trip by way of the more sheltered horse trail and Jackson Creek Road. Later we had a nice long visit in the comfort of the New Morning Bakery. The group consisted of Ann Bonds, Ellen Gradison, Kerry Timberlake, Jack Webb and ldr Bill Wylie.

Croisan Scenic Loop, January 18
On an overcast but pleasant day, six hikers, none of whom had ever been on this trail before, though some have lived in Salem for some years, joined leader Paula Hyatt to visit one of our close-in wooded hikes. The only litter along the way was some imitation flowers, now scattered, from a basket. Had they blown down from Belcrest Cemetery, above the trail, in one of the big windstorms? Hikers were members Patsy Smith, Gene Picard and Pam Ferrara. Guests were Kathy Williams, Sandy Harris and Julie Slaughter.

Circle Lake to North Blow Out Shelter, January 24
Our plan was to ski a large loop out to Island Junction Shelter. But somewhere on the Circle Lake Trail we ran out of blue diamonds. We ventured south cross country toward the shelter. We later hit the Fireline Rd and decided to head back toward Ray Benson Sno-Park. This was a good choice, because we were not on the road section that goes by Island Junction Shelter. After skiing awhile on the road, the North Blowout Shelter came into view perched high on its butte. We climbed up to the shelter and enjoyed a warm, dry lunch break. We spotted a supply of blue poles with blue diamonds in back of the shelter. Those would be more useful out on the trails. We took the south leg of the North Loop Trail back down to the sno-park for a fun, fast finale to our trip. Skiers Dave Carter, Bill Caldwell, and leader Roz Shirack all enjoyed the adventure.

Butteville-Champoeg, January 31
A chilly, rain-free day just right for walking found us on the trail from Butteville to Champoeg and back. The ranger and volunteers in the Champoeg Visitor Center kindly set up a table in the conference room for us so we could eat our lunches inside. They even played a fascinating 30-minute video on the steamboats that used to provide passenger and freight service up and down the Willamette River before cars and trains. Walkers were members Susan LaTour (assisting the lame leader who walked half the route), Pam Ferrara, Franca Hernandez, Greda van Veen, Linda Willnow, and Mary Coleman; guest Stephanie Smith; and leader Elizabeth Seibert.

Mt.Pisgah, February 7
We started out in the fog from the North trailhead. That section of trail has been moved out of the bog and greatly improved with gravel. We hiked up through the fog and when we reached the summit had views of Diamond Peak and the Sisters in the distance. We continued our North to South traveree of the mountain then at Kens (a Mt. Pisgah regular) suggestion took a sidehill trail to return in a figure 8 loop. We figured we did about seven miles and finished in time to get home for the super bowl! Hikers were Eugenian Ken Frazier, Jason McHuff, and John Huff ldr.

Fishermans Bend Park, February 8
Beautiful day! Like spring, with the temperature up into the 60's. The North Santiam River was running high, and there were many areas where whitewater rushed over the rocks below. At one spot, as we sat on a bench watching, the flow of the water was mesmerizing. Enjoying dawdling along the trails were Gwyn Marsh, Diane Clayton and Robert Roner following leader Paula Hyatt

Brandenburg Shelter, February 13
We had a great ski to Brandenburg shelter near Santiam Pass under partly sunny skies. We followed the west leg of the South Loop to the shelter, enjoying good views of Mt. Washington along the way. We had lunch at the shelter--outside to enjoy the sun. After lunch we returned on the east leg of the Loop to Claypool Butte, then took the tie-trail back west and on to the sno-park. Clouds gathered during the afternoon and a few snowflakes began to fall within a 1/4 mile of the sno-park. Although Santiam Pass has lost snow over the last 1-2 weeks, snow remains in remarkably good condition in spite of the rain and warm temperatures. Skiers included Nordic Club guests Jim Todd, Ron Allowitz, and Christi Raunig; member Dave Carter; and leader Roz Shirack.

Luckiamute Landing Hike, February 13
We were a little disappointed to head from semi-sunny Salem to foggy Buena Vista, but walking the flood-scoured and sculpted paths more than made up for the clouds. We tramped the recently developed Luckiamute Landing trail to the confluence of the Santiam, Willamette and Luckiamute rivers. Winter-swollen rivers, woodrats' nests, giant big leaf maples and the first of the Indian Plum blooms were some of the highlights. The Three Legged Dog, where some of us lunched following the hike, was a hit as well. Hikers included Robbie Earon, Pat Simila, Mary Jo Lundsten, Gene Pickard, Allana McDonald, Pam Wojcik, Eric Rose-Phillips and leader Susan LaTour.

Oregon State Forestry Historical Museum, February 18
Only two on a drizzly morning. we walked in the small park in the middle of the Forestry Department grounds, then into the museum. There we visited rooms on logging, lookouts, trees and current use of aircraft in fires and protection. Over to the old administration building to see the beautiful use of Oregon wood in the construction of this building in 1938 by WPA workers. Many carved panels on walls and along the stairway to the second floor are a real treat to see. Thank you, volunteers Alan Maul and Sherry for helping June Zink and Paula Hyatt learn more about Oregon's past. This museum building, formerly the Keep Oregon Green Building, was constructed by CCC members in 1936.

Olga's Outcropping, February 20
Sunshine, blue sky, mild temperatures and several inches of fresh powdery snow contributed to a perfect snowshoeing day. We followed a classic snowshoe trail along an easy grade through thick forest, past a spectacular view of Mt. Jefferson, curving up to a beautiful viewpoint at the top. Basking in the sun were members Bobbie Dolp, Marcia Kenagy, Mike Koyama, Deanna Davis, Lee Slattum, Roger Monette, Lynette Olesen, Angie Brock, Steve Anderson, second-qualifier Alex Brame, guest Brian Lantz and leader Mona Knapp.

Silver Falls Hike, February 20
We were treated to sunny weather, following several days of rain, which made the falls especially full and beautiful. We found we had to duck under a huge tree which had fallen over the trail to Winter Falls. Interesting, but sad. Leader Debra Dawes was joined by the great company of Eileen Harder, Brenda Nard, Wayne Wallace, Elly Collier and Donna Postma, who was completing her second qualifying hike.

Oak Creek to Fitton Green , February 21
We had a cloudy day with showers. The Fitton Green winter view was somewhat austere with bare oaks covered in lichens, but spectacular as usual. Unfortunately, Marys Peak was shrouded in clouds. We returned by the new loop trail around Bald Hill. As usual there was a nice visit and refreshments at the New Morning Bakery. Participants were Linda Willnow, Mary Coleman, Blanka Truneckova, Sandy Keifer and ldr Bill Wylie.

Peavy Arboretum Hike, March 12
Chemeketan Eileen Harder and leader Rosamund Irwin along with guests Sarah Hoggatt and Alice Sharp enjoyed a wet March hike. The trillions were almost fully out and the moss was wonderfully green.
It didn't rain all the time. We should all go back again next week.

Mt. Tabor Portland Urban, March 23
Eleven of us made the trip to Portland’s Mt. Tabor neighborhood. It was a beautiful spring day and we had a great time on the hike. We enjoyed the beautiful old homes and well-tended gardens along the route. We also got great views of the surrounding area while we climbed Mt. Tabor’s slopes. Toward the end of the hike we had a delicious lunch at Tabor Bread. Trip participants included 2 people who were in the process of becoming members, Anne Landolt and Lim Crimshaw. Member participants included Bev Hassell, Corriene Thompson, Fran Parker, Judi Morris, Julia Westerberg, Kathy Moreland, Marcia Hoak, Patty Schaffers and leader Carol Soderberg.

Shellburg Falls Hike, March 26
The weather forecast sounded good the night before and then the morning of the hike it was raining despite the current forcast of 0% chance of rain. It rained all the way there but slowed down to not much than a drizzle by the time we arrived. Fifteen minutes into the hike it stopped and later we even had some sun. The hike went well with the falls full and forest green. We saw some newts and the eggs of another species of salamander. There was a new no tresspassing sign in an area I had explored last fall that had a lot of primitive bike trails. Afterwards we went to Lyons and walked John Neal Memorial Park were we saw a blue heron, canada geese, wood ducks and a merganser. Members: Vicky Wilbanks, Bev Hassell, Debra Dawes Alex Brame Prospective Member: Jim Rawls and Leader Wayne Wallace

Sweet Creek Falls, March 30
What day we had! The sky was blue, the water was high, and we saw many wild flowers, including the pink fawn lily we have missed for the past several years. The only downer was the fact that our favorite coffee shop has closed permanently. Enjoying the day were Chemeketans Tom Meek, Corrine Thompson, Phyllis Benanti, Roz Shirack, Ralph Nafziger, Joanne Schiedler and ldr Betsy Belshaw. Thank you to Tom Meek for driving.

Stahlman Point , March 31
Cheery sunshine and delicate trillium greeted 6 enthusiastic Chemeketans on this spring conditioning hike. While we had to cross a several small downed trees, the trail was open to the top with clear views of MT Jefferson. Hikers: Mady Kimmich, Kathy Moreland, Eileen Harder, Georgienne Yound and Marcia Kenagy with leader Linda Willnow. Side note: 2 days later on the same hike the leader encountered an energetic hiker named Don removing the downed trees from the trail.

Springfield/Eugene Art Hike, April 1
Our first stop was at Peace Health Medical Center at Riverbend to see some sculptures. I was not able to find out just exactly where they were located prior to the hike and I was forced to ask directions. This produced funny looks but some leads. We viewed some art in the lobby and went to the 8th floor for a bird's eye view the McKenzie River and small park. We did find the sculptures but they were of circus performers on stilts and not hop farmers, thus explaining the puzzled reactions. From there we drove on to Springfield, parked and walked the art jammed downtown. We visited the Springfield Museum with all its old time artifacts that we all remembered from childhood. Next we toured city hall and the library.

Next we caught the bus to Eugene and disembarked near campus for a mediterranean lunch. Next on the agenda was the Museum of Natural and Cultural History followed by more street art as we walked to the bus station. I bought a lifetime pass (actually they didn't charge me nor did we pay for the first ride since the driver said we would miss the bus if we took the time to pay). This time though we missed the intended bus so we walked to the Whitaker Neighborhood to view the concentration of street art there. All that was left was to catch a bus back to the Eugene Station and then to Springfield since we were arted out for the day.

Joining me (Wayne Wallace) were members: Bev Hassell Corriene Thompson, Janet Templar and Pam Ferrara

Dimple Hill Hike, April 9
It was a perfect day for a hike up Dimple Hill in McDonald Forest. We saw several varieties of wild flowers including a beautiful orchid. After the hike we went into Corvallis for a stop at Le Patissier Bakery then lunch at Market of Choice. The "Will Hike for Food" group included Susan Hoskins, Corriene Thompson, Marcia Hoak and Beverly Hassell, leader.

South Breitenbush Gorge, April 9
We enjoyed a mild, sunny day for our hike through old-growth forest in the South Breitenbush Gorge. Early wildflowers were an unexpected bonus. The three footbridges over the braided North Fork Breitenbush remain in place after winter floods. We encountered several trees blown down over the trail this winter, which added to the dozens that have come down since the big windstorm of 1990. We stopped to enjoy the beauty of mossy Roaring Creek and a snack, then continued up the trail another mile or so to a creek and our turn around point. Hikers were John Savage, Marcia Kenagy, Ric Latour, Susan Latour, Mary Coleman, Alex Brame; guests Jasmin Cooley, Ellie Cooley, Andree Bain, and George Susbauer; and leader Roz Shirack.

Smith Rock, April 16
This could easily be one of the Wonders of the World. Conditions were perfect, when we arrived at the 3360 ft.level of Misery Ridge,to witness at least 13 Cascade peaks not to mention multiple rock climbers on Monkey Face. The descent along Mesa Verde Trail to the River Trail gave up close glimpses of men and women in harness, scaling vertical cliffs.It took three parking lots before a campground hostess steered us to an undesignated parking spot.Everyone we met, and there were many, had super attitudes and we engaged in light banter with strangers. Thanks to Ann Wulff and Rozamund Irwin for driving the 280 miles. Vera Langer, Susan Watkins, Eileen Harter, Qualifier-Carla Levinski of Eugene joined leader Barb Schram on this most memorable journey.Thanks Roz for allowing me to fill in for you.

Spring Valley State Park Dawdler, April 16
Given the name of the park, we had an appropriately spring-like outing on this first in a series of “family-oriented” dawdler hikes. For our first loop, we followed the perimeter trail to the TCC trail through the forest, then back out the sunny side of the perimeter “trail” to our snack break. Our efforts along the west edge of the perimeter trail led us through a grassy field where the trail was not so well-defined, resulting in soaked shoes and socks.

After a few minutes to dry out and have a snack back at the car, we headed to the south and hiked the Upper Spring Valley Trail, where we enjoyed a profusion of camas, Oregon iris, and what I believe to have been monkeyflower. A wonderful trip to a quiet place, ideal for a great spring hike! Our group included members Marilyn Glenn, Tracy Glenn, hike leader Carl Anderson, and guests Rachael Anderson, Naomi Anderson and Ian Anderson.

Marion Lake (not quite), April 17
Lots of things can happen on spring hikes. When we reached Ann Lake, the outlet stream which is normally underground was a vigorous stream on the rocky trail. Later, pretty close to Marion Lake itself, we found ourselves in an extensive snowbank, so declared victory (sort of) and turned around.

But it was a gorgeous day, and the Oregon forest reminded us why we love our state. It was early spring, so our only wildflowers were some wood violets and skunk cabbage.

Members all, though some rather new: Ken Ash, Zsa Du Bois, Alex Brame, Susan Hoskins, Marcia Kenagy, Bonnie O'Connell, and ldr George Struble.

Elkhorn Valley Hike, April 18
Because of the impending heat, I decided to do the Rim Trail first. Obviously, trail crews for BLM have already been working here. There was one large tree down by the ranger center, close to where his RV would have been. At the far end of the trail, there was another large tree down which we had to climb over, then scrounge through a short area of brush to reach the end of the trail. Had I gone the opposite direction, as before, we would not have gotten to see the many early season wildflowers along that trail. I think this is the first time I have seen so many oxalis blooms among their leaves. After a snack at campsite 12, we went down the stair-path to the Little North Fork trail to the rocks along the river where we ate lunch and enjoyed both lunch and a light breeze. Following the riverside trail back, though somewhat above the rocks, we continued to watch the heavy flow of glowing green water all the way back to the entrance gate. Lovely day, and leader Paula Hyatt was aided in spots by her followers, Gynn Marsh and Judi Morris. We got back to Salem before the worst of the afternoon heat.

Eagle Creek, April 20
It was a fine spring day for a hike and we went to one of the best trails in the state, Eagle Creek. There were plenty of flowers blooming and the falls were bright in the sunlight. There was a warning sign at the beginning saying that the Tish Creek bridge was out and that wading the creek was not recommended. (photos are available on line). However, when we got there it was possible to cross without too much difficulty but you needed to go under some logs that are somewhat precariously perched. We visited Punchbowl Falls on the return trip and then went down the road a bit and hiked to Wahclella Falls.
Members hiking: Kasia Quillinan, Gerda Norman, Eileen Harder and leader, Wayne Wallace

Clear Lake, April 22
This hike was announced as McKenzie River Trail; we made that into a trip around Clear Lake. Seven hikers had signed up, but jobs and forecasted rain reduced us to three. The forecast was for serious rain, but we got hardly any rain, along with some weak sunshine. There was lots of water in all streams into and out of Clear Lake. Oregon forests have a special beauty when wet, and the trail around Clear Lake is incredibly beautiful every day of the year. Because it was early spring there, wildflowers were limited to trilliums and skunk cabbage. The three of us felt amply rewarded for staying with the hike plan, and sorry for those who wimped out. Members: Rosamund Irwin, Jim Sellers, and George Struble, ldr.

Rooster Rock, April 23
Despite the wet forecast, three determined hikers tackled the Trout Creek Trail to Rooster Rock. Dogwood, calypso orchids, and a few rhodies were spotted. Brief episodes of sunlight added sparkle to the wet leaves along the trail. The summit mostly was socked in, but not wet. The trees have grown significantly. Encountering a few brief showers, we all felt it was a good and needed hike. Happy hikers were Lynnette Olesen, Tim Taylor, and leader Ralph Nafziger.

Chemeketan Cabin and Andy's Trail, April 24
Impending off-on rain did not deter us from this trip, though we did opt for afternoon to accommodate Trish Rossitto's plans. Rain while driving, but only a light drizzle when we reached the cabin. There we helped Trish learn more about the use of the facilities, as she will be taking others there soon. Closing up and getting ready to hike, we all donned our rain gear. We started down the trail in a short hail storm then continued on with rather nice weather for the rest of the afternoon. Most of the trail was in good condition but we did come to a couple of spots which the work crew will have to take care of. "Will we know when we get to the end of the trail?" Trish asked. I assured her we would know when we reached the North Santiam River. Both Whitewater Creek and the river were flowing full and roaring and a delight to watch. Returning on the trail to where Don had left his car by the cabin, we shed our boots and damp jackets because the sun hadn't quite dried us off. We ate some snacks and headed out for a late arrival home. Led by Paula Hyatt, accompanied by June and Don Zink who have been to the cabin many times before.

Marys Peak, April 24
We had a cool, cloudy day starting out. By the time we were approaching the parking it was blowing hail and snow on us. We took a short lunch break in the shelter of the outhouse and hurried into the cover of the forest on the East Side Trail. The extensive vine maple patches on the east side had a spectacular dusting of light snow. We completed our loop on the 2005 access road. Participants were Sandy Kiefer, Ann Bond, Ellen Gradison and ldr Bill Wylie.

Little North Fork, April 27
A small and stalwart group of hikers enjoyed a wonderful cool day along the Little North Fork of the Santiam River.Although rain was predicted, we had none; enjoyed many spring wildflowers and the beautiful rapids of the rivers. Lunch at a nice rocky beach just upriver of Three Pools; and found small lava tubes close to the Shady Cove end. Hikers included Roz Shirack, Jim Sellers, Rob Kimmich, and leader Mady Kimmich.

Evening walk -- Englewood, OSH, Geer Park, April 28
The evening was perfect for walking as we made our way from Englewood School through the Oregon State Hospital grounds to Geer Park and then back to Englewood via the Master Gardners' Demonstration Garden and the OSH North Campus. At the Hospital, we stopped at the memorial honoring 3,423 patients who died between 1914 and 1971 and whose remains are unclaimed or have not been located. We especially enjoyed the lush spring foliage. Walkers were members Pat Simila, Susan Arbor, and Gene Picard; guests Kathleen Trapp (2nd qualifier), Jean Hutchinson, and Frank Benford; and leader Elizabeth Seibert.

Fall Creek Hike, April 30
An even dozen of us were granted a perfect hiking day on the Fall Creek Trail near Lowell. There were enough wildflowers to keep the plant people happy and enough beautiful scenery to placate the others. Following lunch in the welcome sunshine, our group split up, a handful to hike the road back and avoid the mud, and the rest to explore the Native American hunting cave up the river another mile. Although some accused the leader of adding more elevation to the trip back, the group overall was pleased with their day. Hikers included Eileen Harder, Marcia Kenagy, Bev Hassell, Corinne Thompson, Tom Davis, Deanna Davis, Roz Shirack, Ric LaTour, Marcia Hoak, Mary Elliott, Rosanna Wilson and leader Susan LaTour.

Beazell Memorial Forest , May 1
Sunday was a pretty, perfect day in Beazell Forest. It was all about the wildflowers and the Larkspur (Delphinium) took first place. We had our picnic up on the meadow before following the trail down near some impressive old Doug Firs. On the Bird Loop Trail we located the spotting bench to view Mary's Peak. Later we found our way to Main Street Ice Cream in Monmouth. Thank you for joining me -- Susan Watkins, Zsa DuBois and Ken Ash. Leader Phyllis Benanti

Valley of the Giants, May 4
Although there were some clouds, we did not get wet at the VOG. We hiked the VOG trail through the towering Old Growth Trees,and viewed the cut on Big Guy who is now laying on the forest floor. We enjoyed lunch on the bank of the Siletz River. On our way back to Salem we stopped for a break and quick look at the Falls City Falls. Hikers were Dennis and Pam McKenzie, Barb Schram, Larry Vuylsteke, Trish and Joe Rossito and Bill Caldwell Leader.

Silver Falls Waterfall Loop, May 10
A gorgeous day for a gorgeous hike. At the South Falls lodge we found a display of about a hundred different wildflowers just gathered in the park; who knew?! Some on the trail too of course. Very enthusiastic guest Charmi Jensen, and members Phyllis Benanti, Robbie Eason, and George Struble, ldr.

Chemeketan Cabin Maintenance, May 14 - 15
We had a Spring cleanup weekend which included restocking firewood, cleanup of the cabin grounds and a though vacuuming of the cabin interior. A thanks to Dave and Cindy Green for letting us use their emergency generator for powering the vacuums. Volunteers were Dave and Cindy Green, Lon Johnson, and Lee Slattum and Jean Gabriel who did trail maintenance on Andy's Trail. Submitted by Bill Wylie, Cabin Maintenance Chairman.

Litter Patrol, May 14
Three members collected less litter than usual in a light rain, and B. Schram and Mary Liepins have my sincere thanks for their help.

Rooster Rock, May 16
A steady foursome tackled Rooster Rock despite the low cloud and mist surrounding us most of the time. Flowers abounded, especially Douglas iris, inside-out flower, vanilla leaf, Whipplea, and Rhodies; biggest surprise was a large cluster of Candystick! At the summit, aided by sublime imagination, we viewed the Three Sisters, Belknap Crater, and nearby Iron Mountain (actually seen on the previous week's sunny scouting hike). Enjoying the day were Mary Liepins, Steve Gram, Rob and Mady Kimmich (leader).

Shellburg Falls Hike, May 18
Five Chemeketans - Rosanna Wilson, Joanne Schiedler, Alice Phalan, Jane Kasev, and Ann Hanus - hiked the Shellburg Falls loop. It was a gorgeous day with wild iris and fox glove blooming along the trail. We ate lunch above the falls with a glorious view of the creek plunging over the basalt formation.

Fitton Green, May 22
Rain held off for the round trip hike from Bald Hill parking lot in Corvallis to the lunch and viewpoint atop Fitton Green. Clouds limited the views but were made up for with an assortment of wildflowers. Roz made identifications for us and her good eye found a Tiger Lily. We'd just arrived back at the car when it started to rain. Made a stop for refreshments in Corvallis before return.
Hike included, Roz Shirack; Kathy Moreland; Vera Langer; Allison Boomer; qualifier Terresa Larrabee and leader, Barb Schram.

West Metolius River Trail, May 24
This was a new trail for most of us and proved to be a delight. We first visited the headwaters of the Metolius to see it “spring” forth from the hillside. We then drove to the West Metolius Trailhead about 5 miles downriver to start our hike. A quarter mile down the trail the river was enlarged with 10 more springs gushing from the lava slope across the river. These springs are larger and more visible than the headwater springs. The trail follows close to the river with frequent, easy river access. Several times the trail climbs 30-40 feet above the river for good views overlooking the river, which alternates between roaring whitewater and a lazy broad flow. A variety of wildflowers lined the trail, including balsamroot, lupine, columbine, larkspur, false Solomon’s seal, honey suckle, and many others. We stopped for lunch at the Wizard Falls fish hatchery, then proceeded another mile downriver (the trail continues for miles) before turning around. Hikers were Rick Cooper, Nancy Rockwell, Trish Winkler, Phyllis Benanti, Deanna Davis, Bev Hassell, Corriene Thompson, Don Gallagher, Betsy Belshaw, and leader Roz Shirack.

Old Bridge in Table Rock Wilderness, May 28
What a pleasure it was to lead this group! None had hiked the Old Bridge trail and half were new to this leader. I couldn't have had a more able and cheerful bunch on this sunny day in May. The forest was lush and decorated nicely with rhodies and the meadow gleamed green and flush with swathes of flowers. What a lunch spot. We gamely explored off trail to find another small meadow which they dubbed Mary's Meadow...awww. The loop back to the cars showed a banner year for rhodies and iris. Following the hike, toes were soaked in the river and thirsts were quenched at C'est la Vie/Black Bear Grill in Molalla. Becky Engeln, Vicki Kimpton, Jeff Heinz (guest), Lynnette Olesen, Mike Koyama, Blanka Truneckova, Patricia Winkler, Rick Cooper, Nancy Rockwell, Nancy Chambers, Jan Leland and Mary Coleman, leader.

Canyon de Chelly - May 29 - June 4, May 29 - June 4
Guest Barb Westrum (CA) joined K Ash, Z DuBose, M Dianich, K McCuough, R O’Donoghue, M Olson, C Sears and H King (ldr) for the annual Canyon de Chelly hiking week. It was a terrific time: Thomas Litson, as always, was the Navajo guide and joined by guide DJ for the week; Lettie's family had the place neatly prepared; the chao had a new tarp; everyone got into the stick game; Lettie told stories of her family living there for generations; friends brought jewelry & crafts to sell; Stanley (Thomas' dad) drummed and folks danced - especially the kids(!); Kay (Lettie's oldest daughter) was with us three nights keeping everything organized while the changing-of-the-guard (matriarch Lettie to daughter Kay) was in process; Lettie’s sisters shared the potluck, etc.  One big change from prior years: Lettie had recognized her need of personal help - so her half-sister, Theresa, now lives with her and provides care 7/24. Lettie no longer drives and her memory is worse.  Having Theresa with her enables her to function optimally.  Without the care provided by Theresa, Lettie would not function well at all. Thomas has recovered from the severe appendicitis operation of last year - and loss of all but a few inches of his large intestine. He is ready to give up the week of hiking. Kay, as family spokesman, and I talked. The agreement now is that with Flemen gone (two years), Lettie being worse and not able to help a lot, and the three Nave sisters living in three different states (WY-NM-AZ) our beloved Canyon de Chelly trips have come to a close.  It started on a trial basis in 1988 with Flemen and I agreeing to do it once, and, if for any reason, either of us wasn't satisfied we would cease such trips.  Nothing lasts forever, but it surely was a wonderful experience, sometimes twice a summer (!), being there with my dear friends and their families. I loved being able to share CDC with our outdoor club for these 28 years. It was an extraordinary experience! Walk in Beauty, Hardin

Niagara and Pheasant Falls Hike, May 31
A wonderful day for driving through the beautiful woodland areas northwest of home for a pleasant hike down to the falls and for a picnic table for our lunch stop just below Niagara Falls. Pheasant had less water over it than I've seen before, but each of the many levels of this drop had a lace-like film of water. A slow amble on the way down, stopping to recognize the many flowers; a similar slow pace on the return, with many rest stops. Thanks to participants for putting up with my dawdler pace. Leader Paula Hyatt was joined by Patsy Smith, Julie Slaughter, Sandy Harris, Robbie Earon, John Eels, Janice Carrier and "tail" (for a change) Matt Rieke.

Willamette river hike, June 1
Six of us enjoyed ourselves walking along the river. We went through neighborhoods and 3 parks before reaching our destination of the 4th park Keizer Rapids we explored some of the trails there before beginning the return trip to our cars. Enjoying the day were: Sylvia Dawson , Wiexiun Baker, Marcia Kenagy Rosanna Wilson , Greda Van Veen and leader Janet Templar.

Crabtree Lake, June 19
Couldn't have picked a better day or a better suited group for this hike. Since it is a short hike we were afforded the luxury of time to appreciate the abundant wildflowers and magnificent view of mountain peaks. Once we reached the lake and had lunch the group took a short hike along the lake to locate some of the old growth trees as mentioned in Sullivan's write up.
The temperature, too, was just right for the hill climb back to our vehicle.
What would a trip through Sweet Home be without a stop at A&W? Checked that off the list.
The only goof up came when the leaded went to the wrong Walmart to meet a fellow hiker from Corvallis. Thank goodness for cell phones.
Hikers included Rozamund Irwin, Emily Wieczorek, Dorris deLespinasse, Robbie Earon and leader Barb Schram.

Table Rock Wilderness, June 19
Eleven hikers enjoyed the post-storm clear air from the summit of Table Rock. We could see 11 Cascade peaks from Rainier to Diamond. David Adelman requested a hike with his family for Father's Day and we were tickled to have them with us. We made a loop of the hike, using Dave Carter's secret trail. All good except the flat tire in the family van. New logging operation has some sinister, sharp rock on the road, so beware! The Adelman's could work for an Indy pit crew. Hikers: David, Fletcher, Gregory and Todd Adelman, Nancy Rockwell, Marcia Hoak, Mary Liepins, Phyllis Benanti, Rick Cooper, John Saltenberger and Mary Coleman, ldr.

Iron Mt Hike, June 22
We had a group of 6 for this hike on a near perfect day. The trail was crowded despite it being a Wednesday. The flowers were out in full force and all the snow gone. Rootbeer at A&W on the way home. Hikers Marcia Kenagy, Trish Winkler, Steve Braden, Eileen Harder, Gavin Subloh and leader Wayne Wallace

Alsea Falls Hike, June 23
Rainy day? For driving, but hiking was cool and pleasant with no rain. We parked at the picnic area lot, hiked the woodsy trail to the campground area where we crossed the bridge over the Alsea River to the north side. The river was wider here than I have ever seen it before. Also full of downed logs and debris. More woods trail as we headed back west, more or less, passed another large bridge over the river and continued to a junction. What? Another huge bridge, these all new since I was there last, and the trail to the right now headed uphill. We went just a short way then came back across the bridge and followed the steps down to the base of the falls. Beautiful view and good rocks for sitting on while having lunch. The "should have" was that I considered going farther downstream to see where we used to wade across. Time and weather told us that the view of the falls was a nice conclusion. Joining leader Paula Hyatt were Robbie Earon, Patsy Smith and Sandy Harris.

Santiam Lake Backpack, June 24 - 26
The scheduled trip to Lizard Lake was canceled because of excessive amounts of downed timber on the upper trail making it too difficult for a backpack trip, and all agreed on Santiam Lake instead.
The group met at the PCT Trailhead at Santiam Pass, but a steady light rain delayed the start for an hour - until after a trip to Camp Sherman for coffee and cookies. Then under clearing skies we headed up the PCT to the cutoff trail to Santiam Lake and arrived at the lake in good time, finding a large empty campground close to the lake. We had some patches of snow in the woods above the lake that were easy to hike past. Our last member, Dave Danskey, arrived at 9PM after leaving work at 4PM. The first night dipped below freezing, but then warming weather and clear skies moved in for the weekend. The second day we hiked past Mowich Lake and on to Red Butte and climbed to the top with beautiful views. While in camp we were visited by deer, songbirds, chipmunks and frogs, but no bears or trout. On the hike out the next morning, we stopped by Lower Berley Lake, and all arrived intact at the trailhead in good spirits. The weather and the views were wonderful, exceeded only by the camaraderie of the group.
Members included Mary Holbert (Toledo), Brian Wright (Gladstone), Denise Savigny & Jeanni Capell from Bend, Mona Knapp, Joel Zak, Bill Wilson, Dave Danskey, and leader Mike Gabe.

Coffin Mountain Lookout, June 26
It was the first official hike led by leader Georgienne Young who was joined by her husband, Ted Young, guest, Sharon Elkan and three other experienced Chemeketans Mary Coleman, Linda Willnow and Bill Geibel for this lovely hike on a perfect day. The wildflowers were profuse and stunningly beautiful, the mountains from Diamond Peak to the south up to Mt. Adams in the north all in full splendid view. We all had a wonderful hike and a fun time.

Marion Mtn., June 28
Beautiful weather, spectacular views, delightful group - a perfect hike to the lookout atop Marion Mountain. The only downside was lots of downed trees to be clambered over, under or detoured around. Hikers were B. Arias, D. Davis, B. Schram, J. Sellers and leader, V. Torgeson

Falls Creek Falls, June 30
What a wonderful day we had; perfect hiking weather.
The falls were spectacular as usual and, amazingly enough, we had them to ourselves so we could spread out and enjoy the various views. When the other hikers began to arrive, we moved to the upper trail for a view of the top of the falls and completion of the loop trail back to the parking lot. Eileen found us some Columbia Lilys to top off the beauty. Lucky hikers were Eileen Harder, Katsu Young, Ralph Nafziger, Larry Vuylsteke, Sylvia Dawson and Betsy Belshaw, ldr.

Snag Point, June 30
Snag Point is a secret spot with a fabulous view of Mt Jeff and the South Breitenbush River far below. Ten hikers were initiated into the Secret Snag Point Society with today's hike. Shhh! Don't tell anybody. Our fun-loving group included: B. Snead, M. Lippi, D. Moung, R. Irwin, C. Doolittle, G. Anderson, R. Earon, A. Hanus, M. Coleman and Sharon Elkan.

Rocky Top and Arch Rock, July 2
Good Ol' Rocky Top was a great holiday weekend hike. I was honored to take 6 hikers there for their first time. They were enthusiastic throughout as we marveled at the views and flowers. The Cascade lilies were particularly prolific. The hikers were properly impressed with their first view of the massive arch as well. For the second time this season, we had to mobilize the pit crew to change a tire for Rosamund. Hikers: Nancy and Bud Littleton, Tim Taylor, Theresa Larraber, Warren Witham (guest), Rosamund Irwin and Mary Coleman, ldr.

Middle Pyramid, July 6
Six hikers enjoyed a pleasant day with abundant wildflowers all the way to the top; saw our first Cascade Lilies this season! Group included Steve Gram, Dan Hilburn, Dan Moung, Andy Ottilia, and Rob and Mady Kimmich (leader).

Woodpecker Pond, July 7
Woodpecker Ridge and the PCT near Mt Jeff provided three happy hikers with flowers, views and solitude. The great day was enjoyed by: B. Snead, R. Irwin, D. Moung.

Trail Development, July 9
With a hard-working crew of 11 people, we built a 0.4 mile stretch of new trail in about 4 hours on the July 9 Trail Maintenance trip. The Forester we've been working with, Cassie, flagged the trail ahead of time and let us work independently without her supervision. She expected us to only clear the brush for the trail that day, since the brush was so thick, but we actually finished the trail, including establishing the tread. We cut brush, moved branches, cut small logs, dug out roots, and cut-bank for the tread base. The new section of trail will allow people to hike a trail from the Shellburg Falls trail to the August Mountain trail instead of walking on the gravel road. Cassie has even given us naming rights to the trail, so the name (yet to be voted on by our crew) will be put on signs and the map of the area. I am so impressed with all of the people who have worked on trails with me this year. Hats off to a job well done and for making a lasting contribution for hikers to use for generations to come! This ambitious crew included R. Hall, B. Wylie, B. Caldwell, F. Hernandez, R. Irwin, L. Slattum, M. Rieke, J. Morris, M. Winn, guest Cathy Jensen, and leader J. Gabriel.

Coffin & Bachelor Mts, July 12
We enjoyed a wonderful, cool hike through the stunning wildflower meadows of Coffin Mt. We had a snack at the top, but alas, no view of Mt. Jefferson due to overcast skies. We then drove to nearby Bachelor Mt. and enjoyed another hike with more, and a few different, flowers. There are two downed logs over the trail in the first 100 yards, but do not be detoured. The rest of the trail is fine (with 5-6 step over logs). We enjoyed lunch at the summit of Bachelor while still looking for Jefferson. We did have clouds, but felt lucky to have dodged the rain, which occurred during the drive to and from the trailhead. Hikers were Mady Kimmich, Bill Caldwell, Eileen Harder, Mary Liepins, Rick Cooper, guest and long-time former Chemeketan Betsy Schaffer, and leader Roz Shirack.

Knobby Rock, July 14
Perfect day, great group, rough and brushy trail. All these components made up the wonderful adventure that was our trip to Knobby Rock, east of Triangulation Peak. We were: B. Snead, S. Wright, J. Nafziger, K. Craven, D. Moung, C. Doolittle, R. Irwin, R. Earon, P. Benanti, R. LaTour, S. LaTour.

Little North Santiam Family-Oriented Dawdler, July 16
A wonderful time was had by all on this beautiful summer day. We enjoyed dropping down to the river to splash and skip rocks, stopping to admire the small details such as slugs and red huckleberries and seeing the steep mountains rising up from the overlook. The post-hike ice cream at the Gingerbread House was just the ticket. The hikers were I. Anderson, C. Jones, M. Jones, J. Morris, B. Hilkey, and leader Carl Anderson.

Beyond Opal Pool, July 20
The potholes have been filled in on the drive to Opal Creek and things got better from there. After reaching Opal Pool from the Kopetski Trail (not the road) we paused for a snack and photos. Crossed the foot bridge and turned right, up the gravel road. The pay off was a sharp "bark" from a pica who then posed for a series of pictures. Continuing on we saw evidence of trees clawed by bears to get at bugs and various metal equipment scraps from the mining days. Taking the cutoff trail to Jawbone Flat we stopped at the Ruth Mine for lunch then back to Jawbone and to the car.
It was the second time on this hike for all but one member, Kathy Moreland. Also joining the hike were Larry Vuylsteke, Phyllis Benanti and leader, Barb Schram.

Joryville Hike, July 20
No takers for Fish Lake, Old Santiam Wagon Road, so Mary Jo Lundsten and Paula Hyatt hiked closer to town on this wonderful day to be out on trails. Sorry to miss the historic trip, but maybe another time.

Jefferson Park, July 21
A very happy birthday to Eileen Harder who drove us to Whitewater in her new CRV and made her first trip into Jefferson Park! A fine group of five made our way steadily into paradise, oohing and ahhing all the way. It was a pleasure to guide Rosamund Irwin on her first trip to the park, too. She is a most enthusiastic hiker...the very best kind! Along on the trip were the usual steady compatriots: Ralph Nafziger and Hiker Dan. We were greeted in the park by a generous number of July mosquitoes, for which we were well prepared...almost. The flowers are coming on nicely, and the heather was in full glory. Happy leader: Mary Coleman

Newton Creek, July 23
A good day! Thanks to the two 'smokin' engineers who built us a crossing over the upper Newton creek so we could get to the other side. We were also happy that there were very few mosquitoes this day. The two 'smokin' engineers where Tom Davis and Mike Koyama.others were Eileen Harder, Lynnette Olesen and leader Deanna Davis.

Canyon Creek Meadows, July 24
On a beautiful if a bit warm day we hiked to the moraine above the cirque on Three Finger Jack. The trail is in about half trees and half burn area from the 2003 fire. Going up the moraine we ended up taking the more difficult trail. In future trips taking the lower trail up the center of the moraine would be advisable. The road to the trailhead is rough but passable by car. After the hike we had watermelon but were a disappointed that KC's was closed when we got to Detroit. Hikers were: Jim Rastorfer, Tim Taylor, Zsa DuBois, Ken Ash, Mike DeLauno, Susan Watkins, Ann Wulff, Lonell Carlson, Ralph Nafziger, Jason McHuff, and John Huff ldr.

Marion Falls, Mt. Jefferson Wilderness, July 27
On a beautiful sunny day eight Chemeketans visited spectacular, two-tier Marion Falls in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness, a feature that the leader described as a "top ten" Oregon water feature. The hike also included picturesque Lake Ann, Marion Lake (largest in this Wilderness) and rushing Marion Creek -- oh, and after-hike ice cream. Participating were S. de Lacy, E. Harder, M. Kenagy, K. Moreland, J. Scheduler, K. Young, J. Zuber and J. Sellers.

Sky High Lakes, July 29 - 31
Guidebook author Bill Sullivan and his wife Janell, updating a book on the trails of S Oregon and far northern California, led their 15th annual joint Chemeketan/Obsidian backpack into the Marble Mountain Wilderness of Northern California. From the Lovers Camp trailhead we hiked 6 miles uphill to the lakes, where we pitched camp on a forested knoll beside Fryingpan Lake, which was renamed Tadpole Lake by our group because it is so shaped, has tadpoles, and was only 2 feet deep. Better swimming was in Upper Sky High Lake nearby. On Saturday Bill led a group on a rough bushwhack through the Red Rock Valley to Shadow Lake, one of the best swimming lakes ever. Then Steve Johnson, veteran caver of the area, revealed the location of Skunk Hollow Cave, a marble cavern just 100 yards from the abandoned Marble Valley Guard Station, and many of us squeezed in. A good time was had by all: B. Sullivan, M. Catlin Evans, L. Parker, M. Holbert, Lisa Grissell (Obsidian), Becky Lipton (Obsidian), Steven Johnson (Obsidian), Laura Osinga (Obsidian), and guests Roy Ward, Kim Davidson-Ruby, and Janell Sorensen.

Carl Lake, July 30
The breeze was with us all day and made for comfortable hiking. Bit dusty at the trailhead end so experienced that twice. Saw many backpackers. The lake was high and kept us from hiking along the shore. Woman park ranger was checking on campfires and spoke to us as we ate lunch. Showed her Wilderness Pass before she asked. "Maggie" a golden lab entertained us by fetching sticks thrown into the lake for her.
Road conditions to the trailhead were good.
Stopped at Idanaha store for ice cream.
Hikers included Tom and Deanna Davis and qualifier Karie Hutchings along with leader, Barb Schram

Bugaboo Ridge/Bachelor Mountain, July 31
The day couldn't have been more perfect for this hike. Glorious weather, wildflowers, views from Rainier to Diamond Peak, a recently cleared trail and a fabulous group all combined to make this hike very enjoyable. More people should hike the Bugaboo Trail! Our group included: B. Snead, K. Young, R. Nafziger and P. Clancy.

Red Lake, August 3
Series of lakes awaited the all woman group of hikers on this gorgeous day. Water levels were still high in the lakes and huckleberries were plentiful. A most pleasant lunch spot at Wall Lake, at the recommendation of Mary, refreshed hikers before, once more starting out. Two more lakes and we reached the Lodgepole Trail, our turn back destination.
Shortly after turning back we met up with a mounted search and rescue posse looking for the young man lost in Jefferson Wilderness. We were surprised horses could navigate the rocky trail conditions.
Stopped at KC's for refreshment , then home.
Hikers included V.Langer, M.Coleman, K. Moreland, J.Schiedler, guest Kim Bouvia and leader, B. Schram

Cascade Head Upper Trail, August 4
A beautiful day, and we had an early start, so when we got to the top of the Head, we had it all to ourselves. Soon, more hikers started coming up from the bottom or following us on the upper trail. Views were interesting as the fog hung over the ocean. We could still see the coves of the ocean to the north, but just barely. Tide was out so the river below was narrow and much of the sides were grassy. My driver, Patsy Smith, and her regulars, Julie and Sandy, were along as well as Bill Smith, a guest who only went part way. On every trip there is always a joy! Leader, Paula Hyatt.

Table Rock, August 6
We heard the picas crossing the rocky talus slope and found a few ripe huckleberries. It was a great day to view all but 1 of the 11 mountain peaks. New to the hike were Dennis Logan, Cathy Jensen, GwenEllyn Anderson and Katsu Young along with Tom Davis and leader Deanna Davis.

Ann and Marion Lake , August 7
What a very nice experience for this first time leader into Ann and Marion Lake. This group of experienced hikers, travelers and kayakers were enthusiastic about future Chemeketan adventures. We took the outlet to Marion Falls for a photo op. The congenial group of two qualifying guests for membership were Lanell Carlson and Carla Levinski, as well as guests Tom Hughes and Chris Barteau. We had a great view of Three Fingered Jack at Marion Lake and no crowds or mosquitos to battle!

Crescent Mountain, August 10
Under clearing skies, we hiked down to Maude Creek in the cool forest. Then it was up and away to the summit. The meadow flowers were blooming, but the bear grass had finished for the year. From our summit, clouds capped the high peaks, and we could see them all from Mt. Hood to Diamond Peak as we ate lunch. Enroute home, we stopped in Idanha for ice cream. Hikers were members Deanna Davis, Karie Hutchings, Mary Liepins, Barb Schram, and leader Ralph Nafziger.

Southeast Ridge of Middle Sister, August 14 - 15
Summer appeared to finally be taking hold as we began hiking from the Pole Creek trailhead (approximately 5300 ft) through the burn, into the higher woods, and then to the open areas east of the Middle and North Sisters. Billy Bob wore full climbing gear, including a highly decorated harness: we pretended not to know him. The flowers are coming back nicely in the burn area and higher up it appeared as if many little colorful rock and flower garden displays had been arranged for our pleasure. Broken Top and South Sister soon came into full view as we neared Camp Lake at about 7000 feet. Camp Lake was stunning as usual at sunset. Moonrise, moonset and sunrise did not disappoint either. We did not leave camp at o’dark thirty since our purpose wasn’t just to tag an award peak, but to enjoy as much of the experience as safely as possible. After waiting until the upper reaches of Middle Sister were glowing in early sunlight we departed camp. Quickly, we moved into crampon mode ultimately using dagger axe technique when the slope steepened to about 45 degrees. After gaining the ridge, the crampons were no longer needed; we traversed just under the “prow” at the corner where the Diller and the ridge turn up. We found the little notch where a couple of 4th-class moves, on firm rock, permit you to gain the plateau above. Billy Bob and Shonee have taken to calling it the “Gradison Notch.”

We romped along the plateau before we ascended the full southeast rock ridge just above the Diller, all the way to the top. We topped out at the summit just slightly over four hours after leaving camp; we enjoyed edible and visual treats on the Middle Sister’s friendly summit: one could see every peak from Adams in the north to the vague outline of snowy Shasta in the south. One perk of knowing this route is that we had the route (and the summit!) to ourselves. What few other climbers were there took the well-known scree routes from the south. Descending took around two hours, and before the pack out to the trailhead several team members enjoyed the cleansing properties of Camp Lake. The team: assistants B Davis, C Johansen, S Langford and leader E Gradison. For photos: Billy Bob’s photos:
Shonee’s photos:

South Breitenbush Gorge , August 17
What a great day to enjoy a hike! It was hot in the valley but in the gorge we were shaded by the forest and cooled by natures air conditioning at Roaring River as we ate lunch. On the way home we stopped at River Runs Station in Detroit for ice cream that we enjoyed while sitting on the deck. That made the day complete! Hikers were Mary Jo Lundsten, Katsu Young, Dennis Logan, Maxine Oswalt, Mary Beth Downes (first qualifying hike), and leader Bev Hassell.

Jefferson Park , August 21
It was a good weather day without wind or too much heat. There were some wildflowers by the stream at the entry to Jeff Park, but otherwise they were bloomed out. We ate lunch by Bays Lake and about half of the group enjoyed a swim. After completing the hike we made a quick tour of the Thunderbird lodge for the new members and had dinner and a good visit at Cedars in Detroit. Participants were Lynnette Oleson, Vicki Kimpton, Becky Engeln, Jan Bargen, Roger Monette, Andree Bain, Alex Brame, Ian Johnson and ldr Bill Wylie.

Tom, Dick and Harry, August 21
It doesn't get a lot better: A beautiful day near Mt. Hood with a car full of wonderful women. Everything went our way as we made our way via the backroads to our trail head. We were ahead of the crowds to Mirror Lake and had the trail to ourselves going up to the viewpoint on TDH. A small but sweet selection of huckleberries on the top gave us an opportunity to teach their deliciousness to some out-of-towners.
We were finished so early, we had time to languish at Rendezvous in Welches. Leader, Mary Coleman, had a great time with first qualifier, Debbie Bennett and second qualifier, Kim Bouvia, members Roz Shirack and Ann Wolff.

Tam McArthur/Broken Hand , August 24
Exceptionally clear weather afforded great views on this hike. We spent the day climbing steeply to Tam McArthur Rim, then followed the trail up past several snow fields before stopping for lunch amid stunning mountain scenery. On our return to the trailhead we soaked our feet in the cool waters of Three Creeks Lake and then stopped for ice-cream in Sisters on the way home. Hikers were Roz Shirak, Mary Beth Downs, Deanna Davis, Sharon Nicks, Katsu Young, Ann Wulff, Eileen Harder, sweep Scott Torgeson and leader Vivienne Torgeson.

Gwynn Creek/Cook's Ridge , August 27
The hike in the clouds and drizzle dampened no one's spirits as all agreed it was a relief to feel the cool moist air on our faces after the week of sizzle at home. Towering spruces provided convenient root steps for the climb up to the top of the ridge, then the needles softened our path downhill. A detour out to Thor's Well on the rocky shore was of interest to some, while the rest watched whales spouting. Blue Whale Restaurant in Yachats provided a delicious end to the day with late lunch and terrific pie. Our cheerful group included Eileen Harder, Nanci Chambers, Bev Hassel, Tim Taylor, Ric LaTour and Susan LaTour, leader.

Cedar Grove, August 28
Arrived at Opal Creek Wilderness parking lot early, to guarantee a parking spot. Turned out to be a good decision because cars were parked along the road for a good ways by the time we were headed home. We were grateful not to have to walk an extra mile beyond the parking lot back to our vehicle as some visitors needed to do.
The section of Kopetski Trail to Cedar Grove is challenging. Roots, downed trees to bypass, steep sections and rocky condition ended in an idleic river side lunch spot. Boots off, feet in the water, a visit from a raptor(looked to be an osprey) who landed on a branch, in full view, to watch us eat.
On return hike we stopped at Opal Pool before returning to the road to walk back.
Stopped for refreshments at Gingerbread House.
Hikers included: Marcia Kenagy, Dennis Logan, Becky Engeln, Laura McMahon and leaded Barb Schram.

Neskowin hike, August 29
Six of us decided to leave the valley and spend a day in Neskowin. We began by walking the residential areas where flower gardens were at their peak performance .
After lunch a beach walk was in order and we finished the day with a trip to the Hawk Creek Gallery. Enjoying the day and the near perfect weather were: Corriene Thompson, Rosamund Irwin, Pam Ferrara, Greda Van Veen, Patty Schaffers and leader Janet Templar

Little North Santiam River, September 3
I took two brave ladies with me today on the Little North Santiam River Trail. So with just the three of us we set out from Elkhorn Rd. TH to the campground at Shady Cove. Along the way I took them off trail to witness many of the wonderful pools of water created by the boulders in this river. We only encountered a few hikers on the trail but did note many Holiday weekenders in the three pools section of the trail ready to get in the water, but the 60 degree air temperature and even colder river water temperature deterred them. Arriving at Shady Cove, we did watch some young ladies swing from a rope under the bridge and into the cool water without any reluctance. A great day for a hike with the cooler temperatures, and no rain showers as predicted.
Congratulations to both of the ladies today. Angela Baily completed her first qualifying hike and Katy Docktor completed her second qualifying hike.

Clear Lake hike, September 5
Our annual Labor Day Clear Lake hike was treated to perfect weather, and the spectacular scenery was ours to enjoy at every turn. We hiked clockwise around the lake, and took the side trip down to Sahalie Falls, which had what looked like a normal flow; we expected less. Guests Elsa Struble, and Suzanne Strite, doing her second qualifying hike. Members GwenEllyn Anderson, Rosamund Irwin, Jim Nafziger, and George Struble, ldr.

Sullivan log cabin, September 10
A week shy of her 92nd birthday, long-time Chemeketan Paula Hyatt joined us on the 1.5-mile private trail through an old-growth Sitka spruce along the lower Siletz River to the log cabin featured in the book "Cabin Fever." Paula recalled her first trip there, in 1978, when the cabin had just one small room and was being featured as a back-to-nature experiment in J. Wesley Sullivan's columns in the Oregon Statesman. Recently reroofed with thick cedar shakes, the cabin looks like it will survive another half century, protected also by the long and hidden private trail, the cabin's only access. Leader Bill Sullivan revealed that he is just finishing a murder mystery about the Rajneeshees, written on his typewriter at the cabin. Also on the hike were Chemeketans Leigh Weir, Robbie Earon, and Rosamund Irwin; and guests Don Scott, Janet Scott, Bob Weir, Sandy Harris, Patsy Smith, Mary Elliot, Jana Svoboda, Virgil Agnew, Leanne Cronin, and Sally Bellatty.

4 Lakes in the Olallie, September 11
With the crispness of autumn in the air, 9 of us explored the less visited side of the Olallie Scenic Area. Since 5 of us had never been in the area before, these skookum hikers opted to summit Potato Butte in addition to the 4 lake explore. We were pleased to find a nice showing of huckleberries to add to the day enjoyed by Andree Bain, Alex Brame, Steve Gram, Phyllis Benanti, Zsa DuBois, Ken Ash, Debbie Bennett (second qualifier), Mindy Duerst (first qualifier) and Mary Coleman, ldr.

Woodpecker Pond, September 21
Eight happy hikers enjoyed a sparkling autumn day on Woodpecker Ridge and a short section of the PCT. Members of the group spotted snakes, pikas and, yes, woodpeckers at Woodpecker Pond. We were: B. Snead, S. Wright, J. Adkins, S. Breen, R. Earon, E. Wieczorek, B. Hassel, M. Coleman.

Whetstone Mountain, September 24
Rain from the previous day left us soaked as we pushed ever upward through the drippy vegetation hiding the Whetstone trail. It was a very long hike, affording Scott plenty of time to craft a rhyme that eloquently captured our group: "We followed four ladies up the trail / Myself and another strong male / But they hiked really fast / And when we caught them at last / They said, "Boys, you look sweaty and pale." The sunny view from the summit of Whetstone was rewarding and an ice-cream stop at the Torgeson's after the hike rounded out an enjoyable day. The cast: Vivienne Torgeson (leader), Deanna Davis, Linnette Olesen and Karie Hutchings, followed by Dave Foulger and Scott Torgeson (sweep).

McKenzie River Trail, September 25
Five of us hiked from Sahalie Falls past Koosah Falls, Carmen Reservoir, and Tamolich Pool to the trailhead at Trailbridge Reservoir on a beautiful day. HUNDREDS of people were visiting Tamolich Pool, making up for the earlier closure because of forest fires. Most of the visitors brought their dogs. Not having dogs of our own there, we were out of uniform! And were punished by a dogbite of one of our members. Guest Sherry Reeder; members Ken Ash, Zsa DuBois, Suzanne Reingans, and George Struble, leader.

Tom Dick and Harry Mt., September 25
We had a beautiful clear day for hiking and luckily got about the last parking spot in the over flow lot. A planned trail to the Ski Bowl parking lot isn't completed yet. We kept a good pace up the trail passing the monster rock cairn on the way. We could see all the major peaks from Rainier to Jefferson and were actually able to see the skyline of Portland. Matt pointed out the US Bank Tower! On the return trip we stopped at Calamity Janes for what the consenses agreed were the best pumpkin shakes in the world. Hikers were Jean Gabriel, Matt Rieke, Lee Slattum, Eileen Harder our driver, and John Huff ldr.

Four-in-One-Cone, September 28
With perfect hiking weather, five hikers drove to the trailhead via Sisters and began our trek through the hemlocks, pines, and Douglas Fir woods, meeting Karen Eggimann coming down the trail. Ann spotted a pika examining us from atop the Collier Cone lava flow. Soon we gazed upon our objective, and ascended to the summit for lunch and a spectacular view. After lunch, we hiked the ridge and observed all four craters with their varied colors and shapes. On our return, we saw the inquisitive pika, Katsu pointed out many different varieties of mushrooms, and we found a few lingering huckleberries to consume. A repast in Detroit completed the long day. Hikers were members Lynnette Olesen, Vivienne Torgeson, Ann Wulff, Katsu Young, and leader Ralph Nafziger.

Breitenbush Gorge, October 8
After a bit of fumbling to get the hike off the ground, we made this great hike on the 12th instead of the 8th. It was a good choice as we had beautiful weather with nice blue skies and sunshine which provided dramatic woodland scenes. Rather than beginning the hike at the 050 trailhead, we drove a mile up the road and began at trailhead 4685 which actually starts in the middle of the standard route. This way we missed the often flooded area at the Breitenbush entrance. Then it was a short distance to the footbridge at Roaring Creek. Returning we hiked down to the Breitenbush hot springs stopping at the log bridge to see the other end of the trail. Enjoying this day were Chemeketans Lorraine Resoff, Corriene Thompson, soon to be new member David Hood, and leader Susan Watkins.

Tualatin Hills Nature Park, October 10
Delightful day in the woods! We, and an assortment of other hikers and joggers, enjoyed some of the many trails in this beautiful area. My regulars, Patty Smith, Julie and Sandy ambled about three miles. Do you know that MAX trains run along the north side, easy access to Portlanders for recreation? We drove, as usual and followed back roads on the way home, pretty drive too.

City of Silverton, October 20
"Survival of the Wettest" would be a good title for this 6 mile hike around Silverton's neighborhoods and points of interest. Luckily, we were only pelted on and off by the heavy rain showers and the worst one came during our lunch break at a local restaurant. The five hardy hikers were all Chemeketan members: Beverly Kropp, Allan King, Joanne DeMay, Judi Morris and leader Linda Willnow.

Burnt Lake, October 21
We left in the fog, hoping for better later. But such was not to be, because we ended up with intermittent drizzle and rain. However, four hardy hikers went to the lake for no view of Mt Hood while two of us enjoyed the burned out trees and beautiful forest. We all enjoyed Ralph's history of the postage stamp over ice cream. The usual great Chemeketan hike was enjoyed by Mary Beth Downes, Pamela Ewing, Sherry Reeder, Patricia Winkler, Ralph Nafziger and ldr, Betsy Belshaw.

Wilson River, October 29
A pleasant sunny day, not a drop of rain as we 3 hiked from the footbridge to the Tillamook Forestry Center and back. Chemeketan Beverly Hassell, guest Les Stone and leader Rosamund Irwin enjoyed this beautiful trail.

Nasty Rock Hike , October 30
Three brave Chemeketans ignored the threat of impending rain and
hiked the Nasty Rock Trail. The rain held off except for a couple of
small showers and hikers had a chilly but scenic view of the rock.
It became a point to discussion as to whether or not this was the
true "Nasty Rock" and if the mileage hiked was correct but all had
a good time and a good bit of exercise. Members Shonee Langford and
Eric Destival. Leader Ralph Hall

Shellburg Falls/lLost Creek, November 5
Ponchos, umbrellas and rain gear protected (mostly) the hardy crew that hiked the full eight or more miles in constant rainy conditions. The warm temperature and lack of wind kept us moving, along with two breaks at the covered shelter in the campground area.
One on the outward journey and again for lunch on our way back to the car.
Attitudes were great. Thanks to R.Shirack, T.Taylor, R.Irwin, and C. Thomson for making leader, B Schram's hike a success.

Urban Hike - John's Landing Area Portland, November 20
Five of us had a rewarding tour of the South John's Landing and Corbett Hills area on the Willamette River. We started at John's Landing and walked south on the Willamette bike path through Willamette Park and to the west side of the new Sellwood Bridge - stopping to pick out our favorite (pricey) floating home. Then we backtracked a ways and headed up and up into the neighborhoods just east of Taylors Ferry on the Custer Stairs (100 stairs plus paved inclines). Scattered rain and low clouds blocked our top-of-the hill view of Mt. Hood but the view down and across the river was still worth the huffing. We then descended through some wonderful old houses and gardens along Corbett for lunch at the Corbett Fish House. After lunch we took another trail and set of hidden stairs up a ravine that starts off Corbett and traverses way under I-5 and Barbur Blvd. and ends at Terwilliger Blvd. Last stop for sweets at Elephants on Corbett. Our crew included members Greda Van Veen, George Adkins, Marcia Hoak and her guest from Portland, Linda Appel, and leader, Janet Adkins

Spring Valley and Darrow Bar Hikes, November 21
Four of us enjoyed a non-rainy day on these two great trails. Starting with the top, near Wallace Road, we took the Rook trail down to the river. It was in good condition. Looked for mushrooms but only found one; we assume the rest were covered by leaves. Back to Darrow Bar, took the trail, sat on the bench and watched the river, running pretty high, while we ate lunch. All the way on the loops to the best place to get down close to the river but the big down-log prevented us from getting near the bank. Enjoying the day were Paula Hyatt, leader, and June Zink, Robbie Earon and Rosamund Irwin.

Silver Falls and Potluck, November 26
The weather report was truly grim, but 13 undaunted hikers were treated to a beautiful, DRY day to enjoy massive amounts of water over the falls. Like old friends (which most of us were), we rotated through the line, chatting and catching up on life. After the hike, we potlucked deliciously at the leader's house in Silverton (another thing Chemeks do well). Hikers: Ralph Nafziger, Randy Selig, Joanne Fitzgerald, Linda Willnow, Marcia Hoak, Alex Brame, Nancy Rockwell, Susan and Ric LaTour, Rosamund Irwin, Elly Collier, Rick Cooper and Mary Coleman, ldr. Thanks to Ric for being an efficient sweep.
Not to be left out of all the fun, Bill Geibel, Ted and Georgienne Young, and Jane Maute joined us for the potluck. Another great post-Thanksgiving event!

Spencers Butte, November 27
We had a chilly day but the rain held off till we returned. We took the Amazon headwaters trail to the summit. There where there used to to be a scramble through the rocks is a new trail that is a varitible stairway to heaven. Steps are literally cut out of the rocks. With the wind on top our lunch break was short. On our return we stopped at the Hideaway bakery for treats. Hikers were first time qualifiers George Landis and Marlee Underhill, and members Tim Taylor, Lee Slattum, Jean Gabriel, Jason McHuff, and John Huff ldr.

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