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Completed trips and other events, listed by trip date. Descriptions provided by the Leaders.

Drift Creek Falls, January 14
Eleven adventurous souls braved the freezing temperatures to hike to Drift Creek Falls on Saturday, January 14th. These included members Ann Hanus, Zsa DuBois, Ken Ash, Mary Elliot, Elly Collier, Alan Van Winkle, Ted Young, Georgienne Young (fearless leader) and guests Gayle Smith, Jon Newswanger with his daughter, Kate Newswanger. Perhaps it was the promise of lunch at the Otis Cafe following the hike that brought out such a nice group but the hike was lovely with more water coming over the falls than any of us had previously seen. We all had such a good time that Gayle, Jon and Kate have all signed up to become full-fledged members.

Maxwell Butte Sno-Park and Potluck , January 15
After several weeks of tiresome, bothersome, irksome, and intense winter conditions around home, ten Chemeketans met up at the Salem Motor Pool at 6:45 a.m. to put winter back into its place. Two more Chemeketans joined the caravan at Stayton Motor Pool, and after a quick resolution to a chain requirement whoops in Detroit, we were set for introductions in the parking lot of Maxwell Butte Sno-Park by 9 a.m.

Our motto of the day was to have a "JOLLY GOOD" time. A-A-Ron embodied the spirit with a large mariachi hat in full effect. We set off at a gingerly pace towards the north, enjoying the tracks of so many others before us, though soon turned away toward a hardly traveled lumpier and bumpier route, ascending some hills, while hopping and even flopping down some others. The sun was such a blessing and visible treats included Mount Washington, Three Fingered Jack, The Sisters, and Black Butte, though the show-stopper was the size of the snow crystals blanketing the untouched snow; dimes, nickels, and quarter-sized hexagonal prisms were dazzling like the hat of Bill Saur on Mother's Day.

Once at the cabin, we greeted the four MORE Chemeketans that had overnighted and were waiting for us; they had stoked the fire and were stoked for our arrival. We'd loaded up our packs with a potluck lunch, from brats to be roasted by stick in the wood stove, to homemade cornbread, quinoa salad, tea, Italian bread with cheeses and garnishes, apples with dipping action, soup, cookies, chocolate and more cookies, Martinelli's sparkling cider, some additional cookies, and even discontinued Mountain House chicken salad wraps. We fed folks that came wandering in, which included a Detroit District Forestry official that seemed pleased.

After some jolly good times, we dispersed after a thorough clean up and looped around eventually to the automobiles for departure and the assorted “climb with you soon” pleasantries. Climbers included two first-time snowshoers and a new-to-chemeketans climber seeking a signature for a qualifying hike. Mad props to Shonee for the assist and Craig for delivering excellent weather.

Shellburg Falls Hike, January 22
The weather at the meet up location was dark and damp, as it was the trailhead. It soon lightened up and by the time we hit the falls, it was sunny with a rainbow in the spray. We had a pleasant walk then, headed to John Neal Memorial Park in Lyons, where we continued our walk. Here we saw mergansers, canada geese, mallards and a colorful blue heron. Leader: Wayne Wallace Members: Sylvia Jackson, Margaret Saxe, and Ruth Hudgens Future Member: Sara Johnson.

Croisan Scenic Loop Hike, January 23
Surprise! Always something new to learn. Heading out on this trail which I have traveled many times before, and followed by newcomers Mark and Karen Rowe, Diana Gleason and Renee Gann, I came to a beautiful trail off to the left of the main trail. It looked like the new trail up to the Cunningham Lane trailhead. As I was explaining about the "city park" property along here, I realized I was at the Browning Avenue trailhead. I'd turned left too soon, and I'd never seen this improved trail before. Thanks much to the Friends of CS or SATA for this. We then went down the old alternate trail and continued as planned on the rest of the loop. Nice day, pleasant companions. Mark had his application of membership ready to send in. Leader Paula Hyatt

Fairmount Park Trails, February 7
“Rain or shine,” I said. Didn’t plan on snow! Robbie called. I said, “Sure, let’s go.” I called Patsy, she said, “Okay! 9:00 a.m.” Robert called, also wanting to get together with me regarding some old Chemeketan records. (That was for after the hike.) Rain gear on, we did the trails! Not muddy, a nice surprise, considering all the rain we’ve been having! Really, quite a pleasant amble, in spite of the weather. By the time we got back to the playground area of Fairmount Park, it was snowing lightly, but that didn’t last. We added a block or so of local streets. Maybe we enjoyed it partly because we just wanted to get out and walk in the rain. Thanks to my regular dawdlers for joining me. Paula

Forest Park-Portland, February 11
What a wonderful group of people! I promised them a hike of 8 to 8.5 miles. We hiked over 10 miles AND my new buddies were still talking to me cheerily at the end! (Parking is very limited at Saltzman Road and we had to walk at least 1/2 mile to the trailhead). Our hike included some of the Wildwood and Maple Trails, where we saw a few beautiful, old-growth trees. Hikers included guests Karen Rowe, Thuy Nguyen and members Mark Rowe, Tom Davis, Deanna Davis, Mary Elliott, Ruth Scott and Jan Leland. Leader Debra Dawes

Jean's Jewel, February 11
We had a beautiful blue-sky day to enjoy the view from the summit of Jean's Jewel, a cinder cone that tops out around 5200 feet. Luckily, we had fresh powder to snowshoe through, which was delightful. After leaving the blue-diamonded road, I led our group cross-country with gentle turns around trees flocked with snow. Once at the base of the butte, we found a fairly open corridor to traverse at an angle up the steep slopes. With a great team effort, everyone made it to the top where we soaked in the stunning panoramic view. We lingered in this majestic place enjoying the view of Mt. Washington, Mt. Jefferson, Three Fingered Jack, and the Three Sisters. Members of the A-Team were Brian Lantz, Mona Knapp, Dave Foulger, Gary Westphal, Lynnette Olesen, Becky Engeln, Lee Slattum, and leader Jean Gabriel.

Trappist Abbey, February 21
With Jacquie (and map in hand) as our trail guide, we left the guest center, circled the pond, then headed uphill on the Trunk Road. But wait a minute! I wasn’t planning on an uphill trip. There is much more up, to greater viewpoints, but we turned off on the Rock Road through a meadow, then into the woods. ‘Twas raining lightly for this first segment, but dried as we headed downhill toward the picnic area and our lunch break. A gray day, but still pleasant for this loop which led us back to the center. On a sunny day, all this area will, no doubt, be a great place for a longer hike. Joining leader Paula Hyatt were Jacquie Gossack, Robert Roner, Robbie Earon and Patsy Smith.

Chemeketan Route Finding School, February 22 - 26
A record seventy students participated in this year’s Chemeketan Route Finding School. The school was conducted over three days on Feb 22, Feb 25 and Feb 26. The classroom portion of the training was conducted in the Salem Public Library’s Louck’s Auditorium and the field exercises were conducted at nearby Riverfront Park. Louck’s Auditorium is quite large and easily accommodated our group.

The classroom sessions were taught by Steve Dougherty and the field sessions were organized by co-leader Jeff Howell. Steve and Jeff enjoyed the assistance of Linda Bedard, Craig Blanton, Milan Apeltauer, Dr. Mark Olson, Michael DeLaune and Jon Ellis.

After expenses, the school netted a $612.19 profit for the Climbing Committee. Fourteen of the seventy participants chose to apply for or renew their Chemeketan club memberships for an additional $280 in club income.

This year’s training was different in five major ways from previous trainings.
1. The classroom sessions were held at the fabulous Louck’s Lecture Hall.
2. The size of the student notebook was reduced from 30 pages down to 20 pages to reduce printing costs.
3. Each student received a complimentary orienteering compass to provide some quality and consistency.
4. The use of GPS smart phone apps was embraced and most of the students chose to use smart phone apps for the GPS training.
5. The online mapping services “Gaia GPS“ and “Cal Topo” were promoted rather than Steve’s longtime favorite “Terrain Navigator”.

Clear Lake Snow Shoe, March 4
We were blessed with a beautiful day weatherwise. Some light snow, a little blue sky & sunshine. We had quite the adventure! More than any of us bargained for. This was a definite team effort where we had to overcome some obstacles & push ourselves a bit. We had 3 bridge crossings. All 3 were piled high with snow up to the side railings. The first bridge was over the lake making it impossible to get on top of the snow bank on the bridge without the chance of someone falling in the lake so we opted to remove our snow shoes & cross next to the side railing where we had about 6 inches of width for our feet. The second bridge was more of a challenge & we were now 4 hrs. into our snowshoe. This bridge was not crossable. So the guys decided we would go down the snow bank beside the bridge, some of us literally slid down, then walked across a dry river bed (thank goodness it was dry or we would have had to turn back) and climbed up the snow bank on the other side under the bridge to get back on the trail. What FUN!!! We all made it despite some optimism/doubt, helping each other to get the job done. Our next bridge was the easy one to cross--low to the ground & wide enough to walk across the snow piled on top of it. It was a 5 1/4 mile round trip around the lake that took us 5 1/2 hours. We had rated this an easy-moderate but decided we would rate it difficult next time. And yes some of us want to do it again. Participants were: Tom & Deanna Davis, Vicki Kimpton, Alison Crisi, Larry Vuylsteke, Cathy Jensen & leader Lynnette Olesen.

Joryville Park, March 13
Tuesday Dawdlers with Paula seem to like the drizzly weather we have been having. This time, the creek was roaring and pretty, but the muddy path at the east end of the bridges deterred us from trying to go further. Backtracking, we went up the west side trail, also muddy but not discouraging, until we reached the meadow. Rain let up a bit, and we followed the edge of the meadow (quite dry underfoot) back to the trail into the old picnic area. Deciding not to slip-slide down on a sloppy trail, we returned to the parking lot (drizzling again by now) via the old road. Joining Paula were her "regulars" Robbie Earon and Robert Roner.

Willamette Mission State Park, March 16
Our group of 6 didn't let the flooding Willamette River prevent us from getting in a quick 4-mile hike on the higher ground at Willamette Mission Park. With more rain predicted, we thoroughly enjoyed our morning in the sun. All want to return to the park for a longer adventure when the weather improves. Guests: Barbara Bassett and Tracy Rees. Members: Mary Coleman, Joanne DeMay, Marcia Kenagy and Linda Willnow, leader.

Shellburg Falls, March 19
We started out with fog on the road through the cow pasture. The weather improved into a sunny day was we progressed. The falls were running full with lots of spray as we passed under. We stopped for a lunch break at the camp ground shelter and then had a pleasant and sunny return down the August Mountain Trail. We also used the new Chemeketan Cutoff Trail built by the Chemeketan trail maintenance volunteers last year. Participants were Lon Johnson, Mike Delaune, Susan Delaune, Judi Morris, Susan Perdue, Jane Maute, Alice Laffey and ldr Bill Wylie.

"In the steps of ...", March 21
Rain was threatened, but held off. By mid-afternoon the sun was shining. This hike, at the Trappist Abbey of Our Lady of Guadalupe, near the town of Lafayette, was written up by Bill Sullivan in the Statesman Journal on January 1, so we did it. The Brother in the gift shop was helpful, and gave us maps. But there are few useful signs at trail intersections. We hiked up 750 feet in two miles, and found excellent views of the valley at the shrine at the top. We ate lunch there, including some of the excellent fruitcake that Bill enjoined us to buy from the gift shop. We returned on some different trails, including a longer detour than planned because of leader's navigation error. Part of the hike is through oak savanna, and part through forest. The trails were excellent, but very muddy; one of our hikers slipped and fell twice (but no damage). We recommend this hike for drier weather. Our hikers included -- all members -- Nanci Chambers, Debra Driscoll, Eileen Harder, Bev Hassell, Judi Morris, and George Struble, leader.

North Fork Hike, March 25
A little drizzly on this morning, but the weather forecast was for a dry day. I had heard reports of downed trees and washed out trails, so I was a little hesitant at first, but then Dave Foulger showed up at the PAR and said "Lets go, I'll drive". So off we went and had a great time. A few downed trees over the trail, but passible either over or under. Plenty of high water which in the end shorted our trip at about the 1.5 to 2 mile mark we had to turn around. A stream was running to high and it was to risky to cross. The North Fork was running wild and beautiful. Rick Jorgensen leader, and member Dave Foulger in attendance.

Skyline & CroisanTrails , March 27
On these scenic trails thru forest and meadows we enjoyed seeing clusters of trilluims and a family of deer. Hikers were Judi Morris, Nanci Chambers, Jane Lamb and leader Beverly Hassell

Lewis and Clark and Tryon Creek Dawdler Hike, March 31
Nine of us made the trip to SW Portland on one of the first beautiful spring days that we’ve had this year. We entered Tryon Creek State Park from the north near the Lewis and Clark campus and walked south along the North Horse Loop Trail where we saw hundreds of trilliums. Then we took the Maple Ridge Trail followed by the Center Trail to the park headquarters where we took a break and enjoyed the company of some charming junior nature day campers. We then continued south along the Terwilliger bike path and cut east into the exclusive Dunthorpe neighborhood. We ended our day by exploring the Lewis and Clark campus including the Frank Manor Estate Gardens. Trip participants included Nassie Danesh who was in the process of becoming a member and members Pat Simila, Phyllis Benanti, Lin Crimshaw, Gerda Norman, Janet Templar, Greda van Veen, Kathy Rutherford and leader Carol Soderberg.

Smith Rock, April 1
We got an early start for the 3 hour trip to more arid terrain. We all enjoyed the sun and warmer weather after all this rain! Due to flooding on the trail, the group was good about going up Burma Rd, down the Summit trail, back up and over Misery Ridge. We then went a mile south on the River trail to see the sights and passed people who made it through the flooded area! Oh, well, we got in 8 miles with 1800 elevation gain. Great day with Matt Rieke, who agreed to drive so all 6 of us could travel together, Mark Rowe, Cathy Jensen, Dave Foulger, Tom Davis, and leader Deanna Davis

Independence River Trail, April 8
Again, we played "try to dodge the rain drops". None while on the River Trail. Yes while walking after lunch at the park up into the town of Independence; no while walking around town after a pleasant visit to the Independence Heritage Museum where two docents helped explain some of the exhibits. We just enjoyed looking over the rest. Then, pouring rain after leaving the bakery on Main Street and returning to our cars parked in Riverfront Park down by the river. Dressed for the cool weather and rain were leader Paula Hyatt with Robert Roner, Robbie Earon and Jane Maute.

Dimple Hill, April 12
Regardless of predicted rain,four outstanding members braved the hike to reach Dimple Hill. Turned out we didn't receive ANY rain, the wind was calm and the temperature mild. Enjoyed lunch at the bench along with a view of the valley.
New members Dan and Judy Vaughan, Larry Vuylsteke, Kathy Moreland and leader Barb Schram all agreed we'd picked a good day, after all, to make this hike.

Cascade Head Hike, April 15
We happened upon a rare, glorious sunny spring day for our hike. Large areas of skunk cabbages were in brilliant, full bloom and the ocean view was spectacular. The trail was often about 5” deep in mud, but nobody minded. Our lunch stop at the top was enjoyable, with barely a hint of an ocean breeze. A few hikers enjoyed a noon nap. Everyone was thankful to leader, Don, for ordering such a perfect day! Hikers included: Steve Gram; Naomi Jones (first Chemeketan hike); Rosanna Wilson; Dave Foulger; Joanne Schiedler; Trish Winkler; Mary Coleman; Bev Hassell; Eileen Harder; Mary Liepins; Don Gallagher (ldr.)

Little North Fork, April 17
Our intrepid group of five enjoyed a cool and damp hike along the Santiam River, which featured beautiful and very full rapids and falls. Lots of downed trees gave us extra exercise, especially on the eastern slope of the ridge. We started at Elkhorn Road, turned back at the final bridge before Shady Cove where a fallen tree has damaged the bridge and blocked the crossing. Hikers included Jim Sellers, Mary Beth Downs, Rich Romm, qualifier Corky Moore, and leader Mady Kimmich.

Camassia Natural Area, April 22
The rain stopped for our exploration of the beautiful Camassia Natural Area and Wilderness Park in West Linn. Hikers Sylvia Dawson,
Robbie Earon, Mary Elliott and Roz Shirack enjoyed the wild flowers with leader Rosamund Irwin.

Dimple Hlll, April 22
Our hike thru the forest was perfectly timed between spring showers. We enjoyed spring flowers and a beautiful view at the top of Dimple Hill. After the hike we went into Corvallis for pastries at Le Patissier and lunch at Market of Choice. Hikers were Judi Morris, qualifying hikers Debby Corey, Sylvia Wengenroth, Taunie Murray, guest Renee Gann and leader Beverly Hassell.

Jawbone Flat, April 27
Only three hardy souls decided to brave the weather, and we are glad we did! The cascades and waterfalls were spectacular. There were streams running in every canyon, gully and ditch. In some places, the road was an actual stream bed. We saw a flock of 50 or 60 migrating canaries. The old machinery and vehicles made great photo opportunities. Hikers included leader Zsa DuBois, Ken Ash and Gayle Smith.

Memaloose Hills Hike , April 29
Including the leader, we had a group of fifteen hikers eager to enjoy the beautiful weather and hike. The trip participants included members Ted Young, Ken Ash, Zsa Du Bois, Susan and Ric La Tour, Bev Hassell, Sharon Wright, Ann Wulff, Ann Hanus, Susan Laing, Karen Craven,Dave Folger and leader Georgienne Young. Also joining us were two soon-to-be members Diana Stallard and Jean Palmateer who had their membership application signed after the hike.
From our lunch spot on the top of Chatfield Hill, we had clear views of Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams, views east and west along the Columbia River, Coyote Wall on the Washington side, the blooming fruit orchards in the valley, and a myriad of wild flowers from the moment we hit the trail. Our hiking pace was slowed by the necessity of frequent flower identification, admiration and photography. It was truly a floral wonderland.
After the hike and before the drive home to Salem, we headed to Edgefield where we enjoyed beverages while sitting outside at a picnic table, continuing to bask in the sun and warm air and enjoy each other's company.

Henline Mt and Falls, April 30
This close-in trail provided a nice hike through the forest. We ran into significant snow at about 3,800 ft. and turned around before reaching the 4,116-ft lookout site. Trail is in good shape. There is one downed log over the trail, but it can be ducked under. We also stopped at the Henline Falls trailhead for the short hike into the falls. Spring flowers (lambs tongue, oxalis, and trillium) were abundant. Henline Falls was raging and the creek was beautiful due the recent heavy rains. Road 2209 to the trailheads is full of huge potholes. High clearance vehicles recommended. Hikers were Tim Taylor, Blanka Truneckova, Rick Cooper, Nancy Rockwell, and leader Roz Shirack.

Croisan Scenic Trail + three city parks, May 3
Five members and five guests joined leader for an evening hike which included Croisan Scenic Trail, Nelson Park, Sunnyslope Park, Fircrest Park and Dogwood Trail. Nice (warm) weather and many trees and flowers blooming made for a good evening walk. Members included Becky Engeln, Zha DuBois, Ken Ash, Ron Rhodehamel, Susan Arbor and leader Neil Peterson. Guests (and soon to be members) included Peter and Sandy Simons, Pamela Vasquez, Suzanne Strite, and Anita Owen. It was a delightful evening-

Valley of the Giants , May 3
After postponing the hike a week due to bad weather, we enjoyed a clear 75 degree day at the Valley of the Giants. We hiked the short trail through the Old Growth stand then ate lunch beside the Siletz River. We made a short stop at the Falls City Falls on our way back to Salem. Hikers were Neil Peterson,Robbie Earon,Bev Hassell,and Bill Caldwell Leader.

Beazell Memorial Forest, May 7
Found a beautiful dry day to hike at Beazell Forest and Fort Hoskins. Flowers were still a little shy but did see a good variety of Spring blooms and an abundance of Oregon Iris at Fort Hoskins. Included in this serene hike were Sandi and Peter Simons, Clifford Hartman, Joyce Armstrong, Ken Ash, Sarah Boomer, Doris deLespinasse, Leslie McClintock, Eric Destival and leader Phyllis Benanti.

Urban Hike: SE Portland, May 7
After hiking only a few hundred yards, I saw a magnificent Bald Eagle swooping in an arch less than 100 feet away. I was so taken back that I froze, unable to retrieve my camera nor speak. A second eagle soon appeared, as well as the rest of the hikers and we enjoyed the sight for several minutes until a small bird chased them away. The hike through the gardens was beautiful with the rhoddies in full bloom. Other birds seen, often with young, were Canada Geese, Mallards, Wood Ducks and Little Green Herons. Next we hiked through Reed Canyon and parts of the campus to eventually arrive at our lunch stop at Laughing Planet. From there we hiked back to the car through the campus then traveled by car to view street art along and around SE Foster Road.

Members: Janet Templar, second hike qualifier: Anita Owen, leaders wife: Marjorie Wallace and leader: Wayne Wallace

Sweet Creek Falls Dawdler, May 8
What a gorgeous day! Couldn't ask for better. From the Homestead Trailhead we hiked up along the cascading stream, stopping at every possible viewpoint to see what the creek was doing. Running full, and with the many waterfalls, ranging from several feet in height to maybe 100 feet or more. Where the trail turns uphill to see the upper falls from above, my three companions went to the viewpoint while I sat and talked to another hiker who had also been there before. We discussed trails we liked. Long drive over but well worth it. Companions were Patsy Smith, Sandy Harris and Robbie Earon. Leader Paula Hyatt.

Historic Willamette and Tualatin River, May 9
On a lovely sunny day, after an unscheduled stop for a AAA call to change a flat tire, we enjoyed a leisurely walk to Bernert Landing on the Willamette River and Historic Old Willamette. After lunch we visited Field Bridge Park on the Tualatin River to learn about ice age floods and the Willamette Meteorite. Along for the day were members Corriene Thompson, Janet Templar and leader Susan Hoskins plus guest John Upjohn.

Dog Mt, May 10
We hiked to the top of Dog Mt under sunny skies and through gorgeous wildflowers. When we broke out of the forest at the first meadow viewpoint, there were plenty of ooh's and aah's, especially from the hikers new to Dog Mt. I hike Dog Mt every year and am still impressed with it's flower show. The balsam root in the top meadow was not yet in full bloom. But this gave the prolific ballhead waterleaf a chance to shine, turning the upper meadow a light lavender. After a leisurely lunch at the summit we returned the way we came on the main Dog Mt. trail, enjoying the flowers anew.

Hikers were Rick Cooper, Nancy Rockwell, Ann Wulff, Melissa Beyer, Ken Ash, Bonnie Arias, Leigh Weir, and leader Roz Shirack.

Old Bridge in Table Rock Wilderness, May 17
Early season enthusiasm brought many eager hikers out of winter doldrums. Because of 12 person limit in the wilderness, I had to regretfully turn away a half dozen hikers. We were hoping for dry conditions, but had to be happy with damp as we climbed up 1730 feet to our lunch meadow. (Yes, I put 1300 in the bulletin, but this group of tigers didn't flinch.) Due to the late spring, the flowers were still in hiding. Are we 2-3 weeks behind??
Hikers: Marcia Kenagy, Vivienne Torgeson, Ric and Susan LaTour, Peter and Sandi Simons, Kathy Moreland, Gayle Smith, Joanne Schiedler, Corky Moore (2nd qualifier), Joan Zuber and Mary Coleman, ldr.

Clear Lake, May 22
We had thought there would be too much snow at Clear Lake, but there were just a few patches -- not a problem. The temperature in Salem was 90, and we were warm too. But Clear Lake was as scenic as ever, and the trail is a delight. We saw trilliums, wood violets, and a few calypso orchids. There were rivers feeding the lake where I had never seen water before, and the McKenzie River was quite vigorous. We took the side trip down to Sahalie Falls, where there was an insane amount of water coming over the falls! Guest Barbara Skog, members Nassie Danesh, Robbie Earon, Dan and Judy Vaughn, and George Struble, leader.

Rooster Rock, May 23
For a hiking season replete with downed trees and wash-outs, this hike was a gem! Nothing to climb over, good trail surface, and a beautiful day to spend looking at spring flowers and a view of snowy Three Sisters. The fortunate group included Mary Coleman, Deanna Davis, and Rob and Mady Kimmich (leader).

Cape Lookout Dawdler Hike, May 24
Zsa DuBois, Ken Ash, Mary Gaines, and Ron Rhodehamel enjoyed a day at the Oregon Coast on May 24. We hiked the trail from the Cape Lookout parking lot trailhead to the viewing/picnic area at the end of the trail. The weather was mild; we had a mixture of mist and sunshine with one light rain shower and only a slight breeze. The views of the ocean were spectacular. The water was an abnormally turquoise color, reminding us all of Hawaii. After the hike, we enjoyed refreshments at the Pelican Pub in Pacific City.

Patjens Lakes, May 24
It was 100-degrees hot in the valley on the day of this hike. The trailhead for Patjens Lakes is at Big Lake near Hoodoo, which was thankfully quite a bit cooler. The trail takes off through silver snags and bear grass into untouched forest, past the lakes that have morphed into one large lake this year, and back into burned snags before passing wonderful views of Big Lake and Hayrick Butte. Our group moved at a leisurely pace, enjoying the scenery. Hikers were Zsa DuBois, Ken Ash, Kathy Rutherford, Donna Bates, Margarita Nunez and leader, Vivienne Torgeson.

Trail Maintenance on Little North Fork Trail, May 27
It was a rough winter for the Little North Fork trail, leaving it cluttered with about 40 downed trees. Our 10-person crew of hard working Chemeketans used cross-cut saws and folding saws to remove 33 logs from the trail. We left some large logs that would have taken considerable time with cross-cut saws, but we took the time to clear branches and make the logs easier to get over, under or around. The air was filled with sounds of sawing, chopping, driving wedges with axes and laughter. What a fabulous day and an awesome accomplishment! This team of energetic and secretly addicted to sawing Chemeketans included Dave Foulger, Gary Westphal, Bill Caldwell, Zsa DuBois, Lee Slattum, Ken Ash, Eileen Harder, Allan King, Dave Carter and leader Jean Gabriel.

Marys Peak, May 28
Eleven of us had a perfect spring day on Marys Peak. The flowers were a few weeks behind, but we had a fine showing of phlox, blue-eyed Marys, and paint brush and fine views in all directions.
Hikers were: Gayle Smith, Eileen Harder, Kathy Rutherford, Carol Ovesen (first qualifier), Anita Owen, Angela Bailey, Dan Moung, Roz Shirack, Joanne Schiedler, Ralph Nafziger and Mary Coleman, ldr.

Butteville to Champoeg, May 29
Memorial Day was cool and overcast, providing perfect walking weather. We got to the park early enough to beat the crowds and had a nice walk from the Butteville Store to the Champoeg visitor center, where we ate our lunches and enjoyed the bookstore and exhibits. Along for the walk were first-time guest Susan Harper and members Pam Ferrara, Katy Dockter, and Elizabeth Seibert, leader.

Henline Mountain, May 31
It was a leap of faith to head up Henline Mountain when the weather looked questionable but our gamble paid-off. It was a super day to tackle the steep climb to the summit where we had sunshine and great views of the surrounding landscape. Hikers were Blanka Truneckova, Deanna Davis, Bonnie Arias, Mary Coleman, Dave Carter, Scott Torgeson, guest Bob Stai and leader Vivienne Torgeson.

Stahlman Point Trail Maintenance, June 3
On National Trails Day, 11 Chemeketan volunteers cut back brush along the lower portion of the Stahlman Point trail and did tread work in various spots along the trail. The brushing crew started where our volunteers left off on April 22 and finished the job. Nicely done! The tread improvements included widening the trail and repairing the tread base in areas that had been badly sloped or sunken. We also cleaned eight drains that had been clogged with debris. I'm sure these improvements will be appreciated by our club as well as other hikers on the trail. This hard working crew, making a difference included: Mike DeLaune, Susan DeLaune, Dave Foulger, Norris Jackson, Brett Milliken, Matt Reike, Joanne Schiedler, Lee Slattum, Ralph Scott, Ruth Scott, and crew leader Jean Gabriel.

Brice Creek waterfalls, June 5
Sunny skies, four beautiful waterfalls and majestic Douglas-fir old growth greeted nine Chemeketans and Obsidians on this hike in the Umpqua National Forest in south Lane County. One of our number discovered an impressive triple falls along Brice Creek, which was a bonus, and a couple of hikers soaked their feet in the creek above Upper Parker Falls. As with so many Chemeketans outings, it seemed a perfect day. Hikers: Sylvia de Lacy, Mady Kimmich, Rob Kimmich, John Levy, Jorma Meriaho, Lynette Olesen, Rich Romm, Art Souther and leader Jim Sellers.

Santiam Wagon Road, June 6
It was a warm, sunny day for a hike. We were grateful for breezes during and after lunch. We started at House Rock, and hiked four miles on a lovely trail upstream to the knoll Bill Sullivan recommends for a destination. Perfect spot for lunch; it feels like the "top of the forest" from Winnie the Pooh stories! The wildflower of the day was wild iris, which we saw hundreds of. Members Robbie Earon, Corriene Thompson, Rosanna Wilson, and George Struble, leader.

Pamelia Lake to Milk Creek, June 7
Eleven adventurers headed into the Jefferson Wilderness, bravely charging into the unknown! Would there be drifts of snow? Blowdown? Evil doers? We joyfully reached our destination on the PCT at Milk Creek amidst a mass of early summer blooms and Mt. Jefferson in all his glory. A good time was had meeting new friends and old along this classic, beautiful trail. Hikers were: Susan Hoskins, Mark Rowe, Steve Gram, Don Moung, Bev Hassell, Marcia Hoak, Mary Liepins, Bonnie Arrias, Ralph Nafziger, Marcia Kenagy and Mary Coleman, ldr.

Table Rock, June 13
An optimistic group of hikers headed up the trail under overcast, drippy skies, knowing the sun would be shining by the time we reached the summit. After the first 1.5 carefree-miles through forest, we realized we were about two weeks too early for this hike, not only to find great wildflower blooms, but also to find the trail itself. After a brief search for the snow-covered trail on the north side of Table Rock, we emerged from the forest to gaze across a snow-covered slope. We knew we had reached the large rockslide, so gingerly made our way across the snow, which was firm enough to keep from post-holing down through the rocks, but soft enough for purchase on the slope. After crossing the snowfield we continued on bare ground beneath the soaring basalt cliffs and back into the snow-free forest. We encountered another short patch of snow on the final .4-mile section to the summit, but the summit itself was snow-free. A few small patches of pink phlox greeted us.

A cloud mass covered the summit of Table Rock and probably the entire Cascade Range, so we could only image the great mountain views during lunch. On our return we decided to avoid the snow-covered trail on the north side and took the old cat road down to its junction with the official trail near the old trailhead. Thanks to Mary Coleman for finding the social “trail” and leading us cross-country down to intersect with the old cat road. And thanks to game hikers for taking on a bit more adventure than we had expected: Jan Taylor, Mady Kimmich, Stephen Gram, Scott Torgeson, Vivienne Torgeson, Mary Coleman, Corky Moore, guests Marcel Conley and Art Souther, and leader Roz Shirack.

Trail Maintenance on Little North Fork Trail, June 17
After making such great progress on the May 27 logout of Little North Fork, a group of us went back to cut out the remaining logs. Most of the remaining 9 logs were large, so each one took patience and perseverance using our cross-cut saws. It was a long day, but well worth the effort. In total, our volunteers removed 42 logs from the trail in two trips. A truly amazing accomplishment! We all had fun and treated ourselves to a stop at the DQ on the way home. Our hard-working crew included James Sealy, Lee Slattum, Tom Burke, Gary Westphal and leader, Jean Gabriel.

Harry's Ridge Hike Mt. St. Helens, June 21
As usual it was a long drive to hike but well worth the time. The sky was clear as we hiked along the ridge to the east; the pumice plain and volcano with late spring snow fields providing a contrast to the dome in the crater dominated the southern panorama. Following a wet winter the wildflowers and shrubs were getting a great start. As we ascended Harry’s Ridge, into full view came Spirit Lake, with snow capped Mt Adams in the background and Mt. Hood to the south. To top off a magnificent day the following Chemeketan hikers had to be one of the finest hiking groups ever assembled! I was proud to be their leader! Hikers: Steve Gram, John Balling, Ralph Nafziger, Nanci Chambers, Jan Leland, Rick Roemer, Roz Shirack, Trish Winkler, Bev Hassell, Rosanna Wilson, George Adkins, Janet Adkins and Don Gallagher(ldr).

Hoyt Arboretum and Rose Garden Dawdler Hike, June 22
We started at Hoyt Arboretum and did portions of a few of the short trails there including Holly, Maple, Hawthorn and Walnut and then took the Wildwood Trail to the Macleay Trail which led us to the Washington Park Rose Garden. We wandered around the flower beds for a long while and then exited the park to have lunch at the Nob Hill Elephant Deli. After lunch we backtracked through the Rose Garden, walked a bit through the Arlington Heights neighborhood and then took the Fairview Trail back to the Wildwood. The Wildwood trail led us back to the Arboretum and our starting point. It was a lovely day and we all had a wonderful time. Participants included Clare Predeek who was in the process of becoming a member, members Janet Templar, Patty Schaffers, Greda van Veen, Anita Owen and leader Carol Soderberg.

Tamolich FALLS!, June 23
We were scheduled to hike to Mount Beachie, but there was too much snow there. After polling the hikers, we settled on Tamolich Pool. We had more adventures than we expected. As we hiked south from Carmen Reservoir, where the river usually sinks into the lava, leaving a dry creekbed, there was lots of water! Some flooded the trail, in at least one place to waist-high depth. We did a long bush-whack to get around the biggest flood. BUT that meant that the river was flowing vigorously over Tamolich FALLS! In all my hikes past Tamolich Pool, I had NEVER seen water over Tamolich Falls! The forest was as appealing as ever; the wildflower of the day was bunchberries. Guests Haiyan Cheng and Andy Struble; members Gwen Ellen Anderson, Eileen Harder, Dan Moung, and leader George Struble.

Mt. Hebo, June 25
Hikers had the trail to ourselves for a peaceful, though a bit warm, hike to the view point. Sunshine, no wind, for lunch. The coast was fogged in so no ocean view. Quick trip to find ice cream before driving home. Lovely hike in the company of Marcia Kenagy, Ken Ash, Zsa DuBois and leader Barb Schram.

Croisan Scenic Trail & Sprague Loops, June 27
A good sized group chose to enjoy the evening hike on the Croisan Scenic Trail and the Sprague High School loop trails. After some very hot days, our evening hike was almost perfect temperature. We did, however, encounter considerable poison oak along the Sprague HS trails which required some caution. Members included David and Fletcher Adelman, Mary Liepins, Jan Leland, Roz Shirack, Rick Cooper, Nancy Rockwell, Susan Hoskins, Susan Arbor, Donna Bates, and Neil Peterson, ldr. Guests included Nada Vega, JJ Sweeney, and Trisha Fleischman

Litter Pickup, June 27
A dedicated group of women joined me to clean up from mile post 58 through 60 on Hwy 22. Fortunately, everyone was available on Tuesday so that we didn't have to do the clean up in the 101 heat of Saturday.

Thank you for their help to Phyllis Benanti, Mary Liepins and Barb Schram from ldr Betsy Belshaw.

Iron Mountain, June 29
Five happy hikers reveled in magnificent wildflowers along the entire trail, beginning at Tombstone Pass, going up to the Cone Peak meadows for a lunch stop, then on to the lookout atop Iron Mountain. We estimate a few more days until the peak bloom. Virtually no snow left at the top. Hikers included Rich Romm, Jerry Hawn, Don Gallagher, Rob and Mady Kimmich (leader).

Red Butte, July 2
Ten eager hikers enjoyed amazing flowers and fine weather to reach Red Butte via the lovely Duffy and Mowich Lakes. Stunning swaths of shooting stars, marsh marigolds, buttercups, ...and a refreshing swim on the return leg. Roz Shirack, Ann Wulff, Art Souther, Mike Koyama, Becky Engeln, Lynette Oleson, qualifiers Christine Young and Jon Guido, and leaders Rob and Mady Kimmich.

South Breitenbush Gorge, July 8
After crossing 3 troll bridges and walking across boardwalks we were in the gorge surrounded by forest. We enjoyed natures air conditioning at Roaring River as we ate lunch. We had treats at Frothy Top on the way home. Hikers were Peter Simons, Sandy Simons, Nanci Chambers, Judi Morris, Vickie Kimpton, Janell Bothe, Sylvia Dawson, Lizanne, Robbie Earon, Rosanna Wilson and leader Bev Hassell.

Trail Maintenance on South Maxwell Shelter Route, July 8
Through a tremendous team effort, our 10-person trail crew removed 46 logs from the ski/snowshoe route to the South Shelter in the Maxwell Snow Park. Clearly, it had been many years since any maintenance had been done, as some logs were in thick clusters with multiple logs stacked on top of each other. We took pride in clearing a wide corridor for skiers and snowshoers to travel side-by-side in separate tracks. To better mark the route, we put up some blue diamonds. Hats off to this hard-working crew who endured pesky mosquitos and flies as well as an extremely hot day! This ambitious crew included David Adelman, Robert Wagner, Lois Wagner, Katy Dockter, Cathy Jensen, Gary Westphal, Lee Slattum, Bill Caldwell, Jim Todd, and leader Jean Gabriel.

Triangulation Peak & Boca Cave, July 8
Expecting a crowd, our group left early for a perfect day and great hike to Triangulation Peak (including the scramble down to Boca Cave). Leader had scouted the trail five days earlier and found a couple feet of snow near the lower and upper ends of the trail, plus twenty three trees down across the trail. Good fortune on our side, all the snow was gone by hike day and someone had removed twenty of the trees from the trail. Members included Ann wulff, Roz Shirack, Bruce Farmer, Joyce Armstrong, Clifford Hartman, Anita Owen, Marcia Hoak, and Sharon Nicks. Our guest was Mardy Long. Leader, Neil Peterson

Bugaboo Ridge/Bachelor Mountain, July 9
A wonderful display of wildflowers greeted our group of 11 hikers as we made our way to the top of Bachelor Mountain via the peaceful and uncrowded (nobody else) Bugaboo Ridge Trail. The Cascade lilies near the top proved to be the floral highlight. Very few trees across the trail and, thankfully, no brush growing over the trail. Great day! We were: B. Snead, B. Schaffer, D. Moung, K. Ash, Z. Dubois, P. Benanti, D. Campbell, A. Boomer, M. Coleman, R. Nafziger, N. House.

Goose lake hike, July 10
Four of us spent a pleasant morning looking for the elusive Goose Lake.I say elusive because even though we located the trail down to it, the overgrowth of vegetation surrounding it made it impossible to see any but a small part of the lake. Too bad, since it is a large lake. We continued on walking the habitat restoration trail to complete a loop back to the car. It was a perfect morning to be out walking and everyone enjoyed themselves. Participants were: Patty Scheffers, Greda VanVeen, Guest Barbara Skog and leader Janet Templar

Marion Mountain , July 10
Nine enthusiastic hikers enjoyed the wooded trail to Marion Lake, with a side trip to the impressive two-level Marion Falls, and wildflowers all along the way. The Blue Lake trail offered nice views of the lake and few obstructions; the leg up Pine Ridge trail had lots of downed logs but still very manageable, and featured many Cascade lilies and penstamen. The final leg up to the Marion Mountain lookout site was wonderfully clear of debris, and at the top we had a great lunchtime view of Mt. Jefferson, Three Finger Jack, and many peaks on the horizon. Descent included a swim (for some of us) at Marion Lake. Hikers included Jim Sellers, Steve Gram, Sylvia de Lacy, Art Souther, Rich Romm, Obsidian guests Jorma Meriaho and Steve Johnson, and Rob and Mady Kimmich (leader).

Drift Creek Falls, Dawdler, July 11
Art Souther, Ken Ash and Zsa DuBois enjoyed a leisurely hike along the wooded trail to Drift Creek Falls. We took time to identify the plentiful foliage and especially enjoyed the columnar basalt cliffs that had pockets of many differently colored flowers. On the return to the trail head, we took the North Trail Loop for a change of scenery. We extended our pleasure by driving on past the trail head for the 15 miles to Taft and had lunch at Mo's in Lincoln City.

Crescent Mountain, July 13
The clouds from the marine air in the valley parted as we drove east to give us sunny skies. The temperature was pleasant as we hiked to the meadow with its plethora of flowers. The views from the summit included Mt. Adams to Diamond Peak. We noted that the snow on the high peaks is melting fast. Happy hikers were members Pam Ewing, Barb Schram, Art Souther, Larry Vuylsteke, and leader Ralph Nafziger.

Albany Downtown and Riverside Dawdler Hike, July 14
We took the Dave Clark Trail east from Monteith Park along the Willamette. This is one the prettiest stretches of the river that I’ve seen and there are some wonderful platforms that hang over the river that you can use to really enjoy the views. At least 3 generations of Robert Roner’s family have lived in Albany and he was able to tell us a lot about the history of the city including the story of his family’s furniture factory that was located on the river. His friend Kathy who still lives in Albany also shared some really interesting info on the history of the businesses along the river.
When the river trail ended we walked along some neighborhood streets where at one point we encountered an enormous and elaborate homeowner built installation which included faux cliffs and life size sculptures of a deer and a bear with a huge pond below (pictured). It even had a gumball machine where we could buy fish food for the humongous fish that live in the pond.
We continued along another section of the river trail to Simpson Park then turned around back towards town and took city streets to Novak’s Hungarian restaurant where Kathy and Robert left us and the rest of us had lunch. After lunch we took in some of the downtown sights including the Linn County Courthouse, the Albany Power Station and the confluence of the Calapooia and the Willamette. By the time we got back to our car it had become a really warm afternoon which inspired us to stop at the Golden Horse Cafe in Independence for overly generous portions of ice cream on the drive back to Salem. Participants included guest Kathy Hawthorne and members Judi Morris, Lin Crimshaw, Kathy Annese, Robert Roner and leader Carol Soderberg

Timothy Lake Paddle, July 15
Attending the paddle organized by Jay Orand were:Roger King,Franca Hernandez, Libby and Kevin Hamler-Dupras, Karen Huntzinger, DeAnn Orand, Anita Owen, Linda Robinson, and Blanka Truceckova.

A special "thank you" to Franca, for her knowledge of the lake(having camped and kayaked regularly at Timothy). She led us across the 2.17 mile lake approx. fifty miles southeast of Portland at an elevation of 3,227 ft. with the wind at our backs. We made good time arriving at a wildlife viewing area to be greeted by osprey in their nest and hungry Canadian geese. This Northeast area of the lake offered a sweet spot to picnic and share lunches to build our energy for the trip back. A quick loading of the kayaks allowed time for Jay to serve his traditional homemade ice cream. Thank you to Roger, Karen and Linda for the great photos and to all who attended.

Coffin and Bachelor Mountains, July 15
Both mountains were a wildflower dream. The blue lupine, red paintbrush and smattering of white bear grass on Coffin were stunning. On Bachelor, the balsam root was amazing. The day was warm and a little hazy with fantastic mountain views. Hikers were Lynnette Oleson, Deanna and Tom Davis, Ann Wulf and daughter Lauren, Dave Foulger, Vivienne Torgeson and leader, Scott Torgeson.

Bachelor Mt, July 16
The leader learned that Google maps instructions are not always accurate even when the trailhead is on the map. After failing to find the Bugaboo Ridge trail head we substituted Triangulation Peak as out destination. There were lots of flowers on the trail and we were lucky enough to have Kim Wentz and her plant ID books along to help name them. It was a clear day and and the views from the summit were spectacular. After having lunch we hiked down to Boca cave to see Jefferson framed by the cavern. While not long this is a very special hike. On our way back we stopped at Rosies' for frappes and other treats. Hikers were Lesley Johnson, our intrepid driver, Joanne Schiedler, Art Souther, Margaret Saxe, Kim, Jason McHuff, and John Huff ldr.

Red Butte, July 16
There was a cooling breeze off of Duffy and Mowich lakes. Quite a few backpackers were hiking out from Duffy, but after that we encountered none. Near Red Butte we found some patches of snow and problems with mosquitos. A perfect day weather wise and great view from the top. Very nice hike. Participants were Duncan Campbell, Alice Laffey, Dan Moung, Steven Hasslinger and ldr Bill Wylie.

Red Lake Trail, July 22
Can't say enough good things about the day. Temperature not too hot, mosquitoes barely an issue, lakes were gorgeous, checked out four in all, before it was decided to amend the hike description and half the group climbed Potato Butte while the other half accompanied them as far as "the steep part." Climbers were DD,TD,LO,BE,MK and AS (refer to list of all hikers).
Followed up with some time in the water after our efforts. Trail is largely in the shade which we were grateful for during the morning steep ascent and the heat of the afternoon.
Terrific and diverse group included: Rosanna Wilson, Deanna and Tom Davis, Robbie Earon, Lynette Olesen, Becky Engeln, Vivienne Torgeson, Vicki Kimpton, Mike Koyama, Art Souther and Barb Schram, leader.
Thanks to Lynette Olesen and the Davis' for driving.

Coffin Mountain, July 23
Nine of us did the hike to Coffin Mountain. The day was very warm, but the flowers and views were worth the climb. We were too late for the best of the Bear Grass bloom but had great Cascade Lilies, lupine, gilia, and paintbrush. And a great group of hikers, including Ken Ash, Roger Applegate, Zsa DuBois, Marcia Hoak, Ralph Nafziger, Peggy Mansfield, Kathy Rutherford, Roz Shirack, and leader, Janet Adkins.

Table Rock, July 24
Another epic hike in July 2017! Amazingly, we had perfect hiking temperatures in the Table Rock Wilderness. At the summit, a lovely north breeze let us comfortably admire the view of mountains from Rainier to The Husband. We were dismayed to see the smoke of the Whitewater fire just below Jefferson. Sigh. We used the "Dave Carter secret path" to exit the trail to spare us another trip over the rock fall. Post-hike refreshment was enjoyed at the vintage saloon "The White Horse" in downtown Molalla. Several of the group had never been on the hike. Steve Gram, Drew Lianopolos, Jon Guido (second qualifier), Ralph Nafziger, Neil Peterson, Duncan Campbell, Mary Liepins and Mary Coleman, ldr.

Avalanche Valley on Mt Adams Backpack , July 27 - 30
A week before our trip, the ranger said that there was still snow at the PCT level along the north side of Mt Adams, so we were feeling good when we got there and saw clear slopes above us. Our route was to take us from the Muddy Meadows trailhead and trail up to Foggy Flat and from there up over Devils Gardens and down to Avalanche Valley, with 4 streams to cross between Foggy Flat and Avalanche Valley. Although the snowpack was mostly gone, the meltwater flows weren’t, and we never made it past Lava Creek, the very first stream crossing. Normally this is a hop over creek with the big stream crossing further up. This year it was raging. Without crossing the stream, we did follow it up to the glacial basin below Lava Glacier for some great views. Avalanche Valley is the terminus of the Mt Adams Highline trail, and that allowed us to convert the trip into a small loop. We took the Highline trail back to its connection with the PCT at Killen Creek, and then the PCT back to the Muddy Meadows trail and out. This is a very impressive part of Mt Adams, with stark terrains below rugged hanging glaciers higher up and lush meadows down lower. With the exception of the PCT portions though, the trails are rougher than normal and the going was much slower than one would expect. We dropped a day off the trip when we connected up with the PCT at Killen Creek because we didn’t feel comfortable leaving a base camp visible from the PCT while we were off for a day. My big regret for the trip is that we didn’t do a bit more exploring, since there were other camps in the area that would have been more secure. The Kellen Creek area would definitely have been worth an explore day. Participants on the trip: Ed Mattson, Brian Wright, and leader Tim Taylor.

Grizzly Peak, July 29
We had a pleasant hike up Grizzly Peak on what turned out to be a hot day in Salem. The cool walk through the forest to Pamelia Lake was delightful, as always. Pamelia Creek was raging along most of the trail, but fortunately the lake level was below the creek bed at the surface outlet, so the "creek" crossing was dry. Bear Grass, Penstemon, and other wildflowers were still blooming higher on the peak. By the time we reached the ridge top we realized we were in the midst of a butterfly migration heading north. Most were a mid-sized orange and black butterfly, but several other species were also joining in the fun.

We enjoyed lunch on the summit with a full-frame view of Mt. Jefferson. We also watched four smoke plumes from the Whitewater fire and helicopters making multiple trips to dump water on the fire. In spite of the fire burning four miles to the north, our view of Mt. Jefferson was clear and crisp under blue skies. Hikers were Ann Wulff, Mady Kimmich, Art Souther, guest and soon-to-be Chemeketan Ben Scandella, and leader Roz Shirack.

There was a lot of new blown down timber over the trail. Four required walks around; about a dozen more could be climbed over or ducked under.

Three Fingered Jack, July 29
A beautiful morning greeted 12 intrepid hikers as we headed toward the PCT trailhead on highway 20. The understory offered a myriad of flowers, but the beargrass had peaked earlier in the season. The views south through the 2003 B&B burn improved as we ascended. Our first view on the ridge in the forest to the east profiled Black Butte. Reaching the mountain's west cirque, we limited our lunch time owing to the mosquitoes hatching from the remaining snow patches.Treats at the Idanha store capped the day. Enjoying this hike were guests Athena Douglas and Jane Roberts. Members were Deanna and Tom Davis, Katy Dockter, Becky Engeln, Pamela Ewing, Mike Koyama, Lynnette Olesen, Vivienne and Scott Torgeson, and leader Ralph Nafziger.

Matthieu Lakes, July 30
A warm day, but not hot. We drove through smoke, but mercifully, no smoke on our hike route. We all agreed that this is a wonderful hike, with views of at least six mountain peaks, and walking through quite varied terrain. We exclaimed over the large number of butterflies (moths?) sunning themselves on the trail (and feasting on the horse droppings). We greatly enjoyed a dip in South Matthieu Lake, and a very welcome surprise: ice cream and blueberries with our lunch! Members Katy Dockter, Lesley Johnson, Art Souther, and George Struble, leader

PCT from White Pass to Chinook Pass, August 3 - 6
The hike was generally a success except we didn't complete the planned itinerary. Days 1 and 2 were down in a lake basin then on day 3 we were supposed to climb up onto a ridge and mostly stay high for the rest of the trip. But one of the hikers had a couple of falls on day 2 and had a rough time completing day2. Since days 3 and 4 were supposed to be much rougher and much longer and I feared that she would have even a harder time completing those hikes I decided to turn around and come back out the way we came in. Fortunately everyone was fine with that decision. We took it really easy and slow on the way out. We did a lot of stopping and resting and even took a mid-day swim on day 3 (Snow Lake). We camped at Pipe Lake that night and did even more swimming. We did not have the magnificent views of Mt. Rainier that I was hoping for on this trip, but did camp near some lovely lakes and near one beautiful rushing creek. I think everyone had a great time all-in-all... even the injured hiker. Trip leader: Ray Drapek. Participants included: Kathy Cafazzo, Sandy Itzkowitz, and Malaya Lualhati.

Black Crater, August 5
A break in the smokey skies allowed for a very nice hike up to Black Crater. Views of Mt. Jefferson were peaking through on the way up the forested trail. Once we reached the summit we were rewarded with clear blue skies and a 360 view of the area. In addition to wonderful vistas there were hundreds of migratory butterflies. We have been seeing them on the last few hikes. There were 6 hikers in the group, Roz Shirak, Deanna and Tom Davis (Tom's first time there),Duncan Campbell, Naman House, and leader Ann Wulff

Eagle Creek/ West Eagle Creek - Southern Wallowas, August 8 - 12
Our group of eight adventurers toured the high alpine lakes, meadows and mountain passes of the Eagle Creek and West Eagle Creek basins on the Southern end of Oregon's Eagle Cap Wilderness. Sights, destinations and side trips included Eagle Lake, Needle Point, Cached Lake, Arrow Lake, Trail Creek, Wonker Pass (after 6 miles of switchbacking uphill!), Traverse Lake, Echo Lake and a little camp in an unnamed basin we called Paradise. As luck would have it, we enjoyed an abundance of wildflowers while, at the same time, experiencing very few bugs. We were hit by afternoon thunderstorms three days in a row, with some rather large hail adding to the excitement. But it was always dry again by dinner time. The group included Shonee Langford (leader), Sierra Langford, Dave Foulger, Sarah Kyllo, Ralph Hall, Mark Rowe, Russ Bailey and Ferda Bailey.

Hart's Cove & Upper Cascade Head, August 10
To escape the heat, we headed toward the coast and thoroughly enjoyed a cool and foggy trail to Hart’s Cove. We had good views of the cove and its waterfall as well as sea lions barking on the rocks a little further south. Next, we took the mile-long trail to the top of Cascade Head. We were thankful for a little bit warmer fog there. It was the perfect place to be while Salem temperatures hovered in the 90’s. Hikers: Deanna Davis, Don Gallagher, Steve Gram, Bev Hassell, Trish Johnston, Bill Kielhorn, Barb Schram, Roz Shirack, Sharon Wright and leader, Mary Liepins.

Newton Creek Loop, August 12
We were a small group but the temperature was perfect and due to the mountain creating its own weather pattern, it was incredibly smokeless! We enjoyed snacking on huckleberries the whole way. Nameun House joined Tom Davis & leader, Deanna Davis.

West Waldo Lake, August 17 - 19
Where in August in the Oregon Cascades can you backpack for 3 days, visit countless lakes, pick endless huckleberries, visit a fire lookout with mountain views, find virtually no mosquitoes, and camp by a swimmable beach, all without meeting another hiker? We found these conditions on the west side of Waldo Lake, as guidebook author Bill Sullivan and his wife Janell led their 16th annual joint Chemeketan/Obsidian trip while updating “100 Hikes in the Central Oregon Cascades.” Lucky campers were Chemeketan members Bill Sullivan (leader), Larry Vuylsteke, Brian Wright, Lesley Johnson, Lynnette Olesen, Vivienne Torgeson, Scott Torgeson, and Mary Coleman, and guest Janell Sorensen.

Mary's Peak Dawdler Hike, August 24
Ken Ash, Mary Coleman, Zsa DuBois, Mary Gaines, Roger King, Ron Rhodehamel, George Shaw and Peter & Sandi Simons did a figure-8 loop hike starting at Mary's Peak Campground. The fog obscured the views, but it didn't dampen our spirits. The woods and meadow trails were shrouded in mist and hiking in the coolness made the trail seem effortless. We had a short snack at the summit. After we returned to our cars and descended the road back to the highway, the fog cleared somewhat and gave us a glimpse of the views we missed at the summit. By the time we arrived at American Dream Pizza in Corvallis, the sun was shining and we dined on the rooftop. We talked of repeating the hike on a clear day.

Elk Meadows/Elk Mountain, August 26
The planned Tam McArthur hike had to be cancelled due to wildfire near Sisters so we headed to Elk Meadows/Elk Mountain on the SE side of Mt. Hood instead. Shortly after crossing Newton Creek we detoured from the Elk Meadows loop trail to Elk Mountain, then took a little-used overgrown trail back down to Elk Meadows. We lunched at the Elk Meadows shelter with a super view of Mt. Hood before completing the loop. The group included Roz Shirack, John Guido, Tom Davis, Scott Torgeson and co-leaders Deanna Davis and Vivienne Torgeson.

Dome Rock, August 27
Weatherman says 97 degrees in the Valley. East wind blowing choking smoke at our trail. "Anybody have respiratory issues?" "Not yet," was the reply. What can go wrong??? Absolutely nothing! A car full of the usual suspects wrapped up a hike to Dome from the upper trailhead and were back in Detroit at 11:30. After a refreshing stop for iced coffee at Rosie's (too early for beer, said Blanka), we all declared a joyous victory and went home to our checklists. No regrets.
Crazy hikers: Blanka Truneckova, Zsa DuBois, Ken Ash, Ralph Nafziger and Mary Coleman, leader.

Neskowin Beach hike, August 28
Eleven of us decided to get out of the valley heat and spend a pleasant day in Neskowin. It was an extraordinary day with no wind making it almost too hot even there. Irregardless we got in a long beach walk before lunch and then turned our energies to roaming the residential areas where the gardens were at their peak of color. We finished the day with taking the evacuation route that goes into the hills above Neskowin. After a stop for ice cream we headed home. Enjoying the day and reluctant to come back to the valley heat were members: Pam Ferrara, Nameun House, Roger King, David Jackson, Sylvia Dawson, Greda VanVeen, Patty Schaffers, Barbara Skog, Guests: Robyn Skog, Steve Templar and leader Janet Templar

Drift Creek/Harts Cove, August 30
Just three hikers enjoyed a perfect day at the coast, hiking to both Drift Creek Bridge and then Harts Cove. Weather, temperature and views could not have been better. The hike was originally to include Cascade Head, but decision was made to do Harts Cove instead. There is apparently a large number of seals (sea lions?) enjoying the cove as their remarkably loud barking continued endlessly. Member Patricia Winkler and guest Patricia Oflynn joined leader Neil Peterson.

Shellburg Falls Dawdler Hike, September 6
Ken Ash, Zsa DuBois, Roger King and Ron Noble enjoyed a lovely hike to Shellburg Falls on Wednesday, September 6. We were pleasantly surprised to have a relatively smoke-free hike, with a few rain drops to keep us cooled down. We were amazed at the size of the sorrel leaves, the largest that any of us had ever seen. The trails appear to have been recently improved and we were impressed that there were a couple new connecting trails since our last visit to the area.

Mt Thielsen West Ridge Climb: Summit and Back, September 9
With the natural end of summer attrition that occurs due to injury, illness, work conflicts, child care issues...our group went from 10 to 4. Our little group enjoyed a fine day on the mountain, albeit with a bit of smoke, especially in the afternoon. The usually dusty trail was wet from recent rainfall, and we avoided the crowds. Billy found us a nice line on the summit pinnacle in a fine alpine effort. Participants were members Garebear, Garanimal, BillyBob and Auntie E, also known as Garry Stephenson, Gary Hart, Billy Davis (assistant) and Ellen Gradison (leader).

Whetstone Mountain Hike, September 9
With a break in the heat and a not-too-smokey day, six intrepid hikers set off for the summit of Whetstone Mountain. A little rain the night before gave us wet vegetation to brush through early on the trail, then we hiked right into thick clouds that dripped on us from overhead. We were soaked from head to toe by the time we reached the summit. Luckily the clouds parted and we then had warmth and interesting views of mountains and ridges and smoke below in the valleys below. Hikers were Deanna and Tom Davis, Becky Englen, Lynette Oleson, Scott Torgeson and leader Vivienne Torgeson.

Marys Peak, September 24
We had a beautiful hike up Marys Peak on the East Ridge Loop Trail. This trail was new to most of the hikers so they really enjoyed the dense forested trail and views from the top. After a leisurely lunch in the sun we returned on the Tie Trail to make a loop back to our trailhead at Conners Camp. Hikers were Susan LaTour, Mary Liepins, Susan Clem; and guests Angela Grouvera, Ken Cully, and Jerry Haranczyk. Roz Shirack, substitute leader for John Huff.

Middle Pyramid, October 2
Three of us arrived at the trailhead and began the upward hike through the forest, crossing two streams with minimal water. The vine maples and huckleberries offered splashes of red and yellow. The summit was partially obscured by fog at times, but we could see many western Cascades volcanoes. A stop at Marion Forks for coffee and tea completed the day. Hikers were qualifiers Mark Nord and Kayleen Warner. Member Ralph Nafziger was the leader.

Stahlman Point, October 7
The weather forecast for the scheduled Martin Lake Loop hike was for rain and winds gusting to 25 mph. The five of us decided to drive up to Santiam Pass and take a look anyway. You know, sometimes the forecast is wrong! Unfortunately, this time it was right. To make it worse, the PCT parking lot was full of bow hunter vehicles and none of us had bright clothing with us. We then implemented plan B and drove back down to the Stahlman Point trail and had a nice hike with only a slight breeze, a few spits of precip, and no hunters. Hikers: Susan DeLaune, Marcia Kenegy, Ann Wulff, Kayleen Warner (soon-to-be member), and leader Mike DeLaune.

Neahkahnie Mtn, October 8
The weather co-operated and six members enjoyed the warm day and spectacular view (filtered by very thin clouds) from the rock bluff atop Neahkahnie Mtn. The trail proved to be challenging due to mud from recent rains. Four of us (including the leader) managed to slip and fall, and one member stepped off the trail into thin air tumbling down about ten feet--but she recovered beautifully! We also enjoyed the great overlook view at Devil's Cauldron and a quick tour through beautiful Manzanita after the hike. Members included Rosanna Wilson, Janell Bothe, Nancy Chambers, Mary Liepins, Margaret Saxe, and leader Neil Peterson

Lake Oswego and Marylhurst, October 16
On a clear but cold autumn morning we started our hike at George Rogers Park on the banks of the Willamette. We took a beautiful but short forested trail along Oswego Creek into a charming neighborhood where some of the homes were decorated with fabulous Halloween decorations. Then we explored the Marylhurst University campus and Mary’s Woods retirement community before taking a path along the river back through the park. From there we continued to downtown Lake Oswego. At this point it had turned into a sunny warm day so we had a terrific lunch while sitting outside at St. Honore Bakery. After lunch we walked around Lakewood Bay to end our day. Participants included members Janet Templar, Sylvia Dawson, Judi Morris, Patty Schaffers, Greda van Veen, Judy Vaughan, Marcia Hoak and leader Carol Soderberg.

Hoyt Arboretum Hike, October 27
It was beautiful clear and sunny day and the fall colors on the trees and puddles of fallen leaves were jewel like including the pictured ginkgo tree. We started out by doing 2.5 miles of the warren of trails on the west side of Hoyt Arboretum including Fir, Spruce and Bristlecone Pine. Then we crossed over to the east side of the arboretum and took the Wildwood Trail to join up with the Macleay Trail which got us to the Washington Park Rose Garden where there a surprising number of roses still in bloom. We walked out of the park into the Nob Hill neighborhood and to the Elephant Deli which is like an Emerald City of prepared food. We sat on the sunny patio and thoroughly enjoyed our delicious lunches. After lunch we walked a short distance to the Providence Park MAX station and took it back to the Washington Park station. From there we just had a short walk back to our starting point. Participants included members Sylvia Dawson, Kathy Annese, Ellen Simpson and leader Carol Soderberg.

Shellburg Falls Loop, October 29
Three Chemeketans,members Susi Rose,Vera Wicks and leader Ralph Hall hiked a loop at Shellburg falls looking for fall colors and some sunshine. Oh well, at least it didn't rain but the folliage and the company were brilliant.

Salem Halloween Afternoon Hike, October 31
Lucky number 13 of us started this hike at 4 PM and had a wonderful time wandering around Bush Park itself and the Bush Park neighborhood enjoying the changing fall colors and looking for houses decorated for Halloween and trick-or-treaters getting an early start. Then we headed over to the Fairmount Hills neighborhood and checked out the seemingly deserted Governor’s Mansion. We continued to wander those streets until we saw a particularly well decorated home where the owner invited us to stop and explore his array of spooky ornaments.
As we were leaving there I saw a fire engine with its lights on moving slowly down Fairmount Ave. Following it were a stream of at least 100 trick-or-treaters and their parents. Unbeknownst to us we had stumbled upon the Fairmount Halloween Parade. Some of our hike participants were in costume which may have encouraged someone in the parade to throw us orange Mardi Gras beads. Then an attractive woman who was walking in the parade and was dressed as a cowboy approached us and started a conversation. We were all a little flummoxed and it took a minute for most of us to realize that she was Governor Kate Brown. She was so friendly and fun! She told us that the reason that the mansion had seemed deserted is that they were participating in the parade but that they were headed back to the mansion where they had 450 pieces of candy ready for the onslaught of trick-or-treaters. After the parade had literally passed us by we headed back to our starting point amazed at our good luck in getting this special surprise.
Participants included members Pam Wasson, Kathy Annese, Rosanna Wilson, Ellen Simpson, Janelle Bothe, Nanci Chambers, Lin Crimshaw, Greda van Veen, Bev Hassell, Judi Morris, Judy Voelker, Bill Voelker and leader Carol Soderberg.

Multnomah Village - SW Portland Hike, November 7
This hike took place on a cold day with winds that seemed to blow right through our carefully layered clothing. We started out in Gabriel Park in SW Portland and then walked through neighborhood streets to Woods Memorial Natural Area, which is part of the SW Trails system, where we saw a beautifully constructed landscape art installation on a water main cover. Then we continued on neighborhood streets to the village part of the Multnomah Village neighborhood where we had lunch at Grand Central Bakery. After lunch we took a quick stroll around the village since it was still pretty brisk outside before we used more neighborhood streets to take us back to our starting point. As usual the best part of this hike was the wonderful group of participants. Participants included one guest, Betty Budzik, and members Bev Hassell, Kathy Annese, Greda van Veen, Sylvia Dawson, Janet Templar, Julia Westerberg and leader Carol Soderberg.

Post-Thanksgiving Silver Falls and Potluck, November 25
Mother Nature approved of us again and spared us the forecasted rain.
Sixteen hikers admired the gushing falls (most claimed they had never seen them so full). Old friends gathered from far and wide to catch up as we made the loop. After the hike, we joined Jim and 6 more partiers at the Coleman house where we again proved that Chemeks can cook and eat with the best of them. Joan Zuber, Marcia Kenegy, Ric LaTour, Susan LaTour, Sharon Wright, Debra Dawes, Georgienne Young, Nancy Rockwell, Ron Rhodehamel, Sandi Simons, Peter Simons, Rick Cooper, Linda Seekatz, Randy Selig, Doris deLespinasse and Mary Coleman, ldr. Party animals: Ted Young, Paul Mosher, Denise Mosher, Debra Driscoll, Don Gallagher and Marcia Hoak.

Spencers Butte, November 26
The weather forcast called for an 80% chance of rain and it rained for about 80% of the hike. Now I know what that means! We barely tagged the top of the mountain and headed down. Soup and croissants at the Hideaway bakery tasted that much better. Hikers were Matt Rieke, Jason McHuff, and John Huff Ldr.

Santiam Pass Area XC, November 29
Tour cancelled due to lack of interest.

Stahlman Point Hike, December 3
The weather report was kind of "iffy", but 5 hardy hikers made the close to home drive to Stahlman Point. No rain on the trail, but did hit the most beautiful snow for about the last 1/2 mile of the hike. It was snowing gently on and off and we all felt like we had entered a winter wonderland! Pretty cold at the top, so lunch was delayed until we were back in the car. A stop at Rosey's for some hot coffee/tea/hot chocolate, made the trip just perfect. The "hardy hikers" were Allison Boomer, Jane Maute, Kayleen Warner, Mona Knapp and leader, Eileen Harder.

Cascade Head, December 9
Our dry winter weather gave us a perfect day at the coast as we hiked from Cascade Head's lower trail up to the meadow for wonderful views across the Salmon River estuary. Some of the group hiked on to the upper trail-head before turning back while others remained at the top to enjoy the sun. Hikers were: Sandy and Peter Simons, Kathy Jensen, Tom and Deanna Davis, Dennis Dunn, Lynette Oleson, Becky Englen, Dave Foulger, Mary Coleman, Mark Olson, Scott Torgeson and leader Vivienne Torgeson.

Peavy Arboretum , December 10
We hiked the 36 Loop Powder House Trail. This was a cold day with no clouds and very little breeze. Trail conditions were good with little ice and no mud or slipperiness. We pondered the various pine plantings in the arboretum and enjoyed the great view to the west above the the powder house (actually the blasting cap storage shed) and returned by Cronemiller Lake. We enjoyed a visit and refreshment at the New Morning Bakery afterward. Hikers included Robbie Earon, Roz Shirack, Diana Gleason, guests Dana Young and Nancy Mauter, and leader Bill Wylie.

SE Portland Churches Hike, December 12
For the most part this hike followed a route described in Gordon Howard’s terrific “Walks and Hikes in Portland” blog. We started out in the Sunnyside neighborhood of Portland and worked our way through parts of Hosford-Abernethy, Buckman and Laurelhurst. Along our route we stopped to study eleven religious institutions in addition to Lone Fir, Portland's first cemetery. Midway we stopped in at Palio coffee shop in Ladd’s Addition for warm beverages on what was a cold but sunny day. After we had explored all of the highlights on Gordon’s route we took a detour to Laurelhurst Market where we enjoyed a late but delicious lunch. Then we strolled through Laurelhurst Park before heading back through another part of Sunnyside to end our day. We had a wonderfully congenial group of hikers on this trip. Participants included Bill and Elaine Wilson, Susan Arbor, Nancy Rockwell, Patty Schaffers, Judy Vaughan, Kathy Annese, Sylvia Dawson, Janet Templar, Ellen Simpson, Judi Morris, Beverly Kropp and leader Carol Soderberg.

Silver Falls Solstice and Potluck, December 17
We had a beautiful winter day for our safari along the trail of Oregon's best falls. Newly arrived from Florida, first qualifier Daria Deringer, made it all the more meaningful as we saw it through her appreciative eyes. After the hike, we headed to the Coleman house in Silverton for soup and a lovely mix of treats and beverages. We also honored our dear friend Ken Ash as he turned a manly 74!
Enjoying celebrating the occasion were: James Nanta (first qualifier), Mark Olson, Joanne Schiedler, Roz Shirack, Gayle Smith, Mary Liepins, Ron Noble, Diana Gleason, Ralph Nafziger, Blanka Truneckova, Ken Ash, Zsa Dubois and Mary Coleman, leader.

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