Mt Jefferson
Sharing A Common Interest
In Outdoor Activities

Who We Are

The Name, the Emblem, the Mountain: "Chemeketa" is a Native American name which roughly translates as "meeting place". It was the name that indigenous peoples used for the area that is now Salem, Oregon. When saying Chemeketa, some of us give Che- a hard sound as in "check". Others give it a soft sound as in "shed". The Chemawa Indian School uses the hard sound. Then we generally say me- as in "met", ke- as in "kept", ta as in "taco". Our emblem, the Thunderbird, was regarded by Native Americans as a harbinger of unlimited happiness. Mount Jefferson is our symbolic mountain.

The Club: The Chemeketans is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1928 united in a common interest in outdoor activities. The Chemeketans is a membership organization with about 700 members based in Salem, Oregon. Our primary activity is day hiking but includes many other outdoor activities and special events as well. We schedule cross-country ski trips, snowshoe outings, bicycle trips, canoe trips, backpacks, mountain climbs, picture nights, and other events such as museum trips and car camps. We help build and maintain trails too. We own a mountain cabin and schedule overnight trips there. We have a program for those who wish to share in the club's ever expanding commitment to conservation of natural resources. We have an annual banquet and a Christmas and Halloween party. Our most ambitious single event is a two-week Annual Outing which provides meals and activities for up to 100 people per week at a distant campsite.

Contact Information:  Our surface mailing address is: The Chemeketans, P.O. Box 864, Salem OR 97308. Send questions about the club and membership via email to the Membership Secretary.  The club has no telephone number.

Meetings: Our Council meets monthly, usually on the first Wednesday evening. All members are welcome. See the monthly Bulletin for the latest meeting time and location. We hold our Annual Business Meeting in January. This is an important meeting for members to attend as we often vote on matters concerning the Club. For activities, we gather somewhere in Salem beforehand to register and arrange car-pooling. We publish Activities in abbreviated form on the Activities Calendar, with more detail and contact information in our monthly Bulletin.

Revised 24 June 2017