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Freeze dried meals
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I always dehydrate my food but in 2019 I went to the Aldha seminar and in one of the booths this company “Food for the Sole” based in Bend were giving  food samples and it was pretty good. 

Full disclosure.  I work for Oregon Freeze Dry the makers of Mountain House.  I know they put out some of the best products in the industry…but it may cost you a bit more.  (The packaging material is way better than most of their competition.)  On the down side they have a limited selections, especially in gluten free and vegetarian options.


I recently had the new MH  Lasagna.  It has been reformulated to make it a more “clean label”.  They must have a new type of cheese because it came off my spoon with little effort but tasted exactly the same as the old formula.  (Nice job Mountain House!  I knew R&D was working on it but did not know that they had been successful.)

I agree with JC the Chicken and Dumplings is the best.  I also love the biscuits and gravy, chicken and mashed potatoes, beef stroganoff, lasagna,  and breakfast skillet.  Even though the pouch may say two servings, I find it is just enough for one person.




Sue:  Bi-Mart currently has $2 off all their Mountain House meals, and a fairly good selection.  

I like Ramen, any types. But for longer hikes needing more calories and nutrients I bring Vite Ramen, lots of dried veggies, packets of smoked salmon, and dried potato flakes. Lots of calories and can make different combos every meal. And Taco Bell Fire sauce, haha.

On typical 2-3 day trips I bring something “real” like cous cous and packets of salmon.

For the trips where every once has to count, I take freeze dried.

I keep looking for meals that are maybe more upscale thinking they will taste better. I have had some luck with Mary Jane’s Farm (not that Mary Jane).

I’m curious if anyone has tried Good to Go or Peak Refuel.

When it comes to Mountain House I think pasta primavera is the best.


I repack the dinners in small zip lock bags to reduce the mass and some weight. I also avoid having to use a long spoon by doing this.



Hey Sue - My favorite among the Mt. House brand are (in order) Chicken and Dumplings, Spaghetti and meat sauce and Lasagna (but the cheese will be epoxied to your spork forever)!  There isn't a Mt. House dinner that I won't eat.  I did have an Alpine Aire brand dinner that was hideous and I won't buy any more of those.  Interested to see what others like.

Best of luck on your hike.  I will be doing another PCT section in Nor Cal in July.  About 270 miles...


Hi Everyone,

I am preparing to go with a friend on the Colorado Trail, a 500 mile through hike. I have always made my own dehydrated meals for almost every outdoor adventure, however, I am making meals for another friend also, and she would like to try some freeze-dried meals.

I know that many of you use Mountain Housr, but can you give me some of your other favorite meals and/ or brands?

Amy, I know you shared one a while ago in an email. Do you remember that?


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