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#2 Test Attempt - Please bare with Frosty (bear? b...
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Dear Climbing Friends of Chemeketans,

This email is from Frosty. I am originating this email from our website so it will have the best chance of reaching the most people. (#2 test is actually being originated from my personal email as I test this out)

As some of you have already noticed, there has been an issue with "email stacking/grouping" within our Forum/email groups and sometimes missing entire email threads that are not being sent out.

I am in contact with Club Express. Club Express is aware of the issue and their IT department is actively working on a solution. (Something to do with an update on the Gmail server that isn't talking with the Club Express email server very well. Above my pay grade for sure.)


There is a solution, which, admittedly, requires an additional 4-5 steps. If you want to ensure that you are seeing the discussion in its entirety, YOU STILL CAN! Please follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Log into with your username and password (if you forgot log info, you can reset your password or just give Frosty a call @ 503-551-2625)

Step 2 - Hover over "For Members" on the Chemeketans HomePage. Then when the drop down menu appears, click on "Forums."

Step 3 - Any forum that you are a member of, you can just click on that forum title; "Climbers", "Climb Leaders and Assistants", etc.

Step 4 - You will now see all subject headings/threads of any topic that has been discussed. At this point, you will definitely be seeing 100% of any emails sent to that public forum regarding that thread. (You will not see any email responses that only went to 1 individual directly.)

Step 5 - Please don't hesitate to ask Frosty questions. He knows exactly what to do almost 50% of the time.......(if at all possible, it's best to pin Frosty down when he is in front of his computer and give him a call - 503-551-2625 :))

"Frosty" Gill
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