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Garmin inReach subscription
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You're going to have an activation fee first. Then you can choose 2 plans that are monthly- one gives you 30 messages, I believe and three preset messages that are free no matter how many you send. The other is half the price, but you get only 10-15 messages, and everyone after that is 50 cents. Plus the same preset 3 messages. It works out to be the same thing.

If you don't go out in the winter much, I wouldn't do the yearly plan. I do go out every week but I still do the monthly plan.

My 3 messages are something like: 1. I'm safe in camp. thank God. 2. I'm in a village resupplying (when I was in the Pyrenees)  3. I'm scared/anxious/afraid, please pray. I try not to send the last one to my family much so they don't worry ;-).


My friends,


I took advantage of the recent sales and purchased a garmin inReach mini.

Now I have to deal with the additional cost of a subscription. I see it is a lot more than satellite radio!

Any advice on pluses and minuses of a regular annual subscription vs reactivating for a few months each year? Money is a factor but hassle may be more of a factor.


Thank you and thank you.



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