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Picture Night is an opportunity to enjoy pictures and stories of outdoor adventures and travel most often presented by fellow Chemeketans.  During the presentations, we often learn a bit of history about the area visited and about the people encountered.  Picture Night is usually held the second Friday of each month, September through May (except December).  Read on for information about this month’s presentation.

Exploring Montreal, Quebec City, and the Laurentian Mountains
(or how to visit Europe without crossing the ocean)

Friday, November 10, 7:00p.m.
Broadway Commons, Mongolia Room (#305)
1300 Broadway Street NE, Salem, OR

Ric and Susan LaTour took a trip this fall to tour this very French part of Canada. A botanical garden at night, a walled city - complete with cannons, and a hike into a very different aspect from the Pacific Northwest were some of the highlights of their trip. There will be snippets of history, architecture, culture, geology and botany--something for everybody.



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