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Want to reactivate your membership?

If you have been a member of the Chemeketans in the past, and would like to reactivate your membership, the process is easy.   First, go back to the Chemeketans home page, and click on the "Member Login" button.  You should then be taken to a login screen.  If you know your login name and password, which was emailed to you in October of 2018, all you have to do is login.  You will then be taken to a screen that will ask you to pay your annual dues.  Just pay your dues and you will again be a Chemeketan! 

If you do not remember your username or password, click the "Forgot My Username/Password" link at the bottom of the login screen and follow the directions to get your username and password.  Then, login into the site and pay your dues either by credit card or check. 

If you wish to pay by check, choose "By Check" as your method of payment in the last step of the online sign-up process, then select the "Print Invoice" option at the  bottom of the page, and finally click "Done" .  Please include a copy of this invoice with your check and send both to: Membership Secretary, PO Box 864, Salem OR 97308.  

Annual Membership Fees

 Adult (18 and above)   $20.00 
 Household  $20.00 for each adult, $3.00 for each junior member 

The member who initially signs up for a Household will receive notifications for renewal on behalf of the household and will also receive paper mailings for all household members.  Other adult members in the household will have individual logins, voting rights, and the ability to sign up for events.   Junior members have all membership rights except for voting rights and an independent login to the web site. 

If you reactivate prior to October 1st, your membership will extend through the end of the current calendar year.  If you reactivate on or after October 1st, your membership will extend through the end of the next calendar year.

 If you have any problems, please contact our Membership Directors at


To see some of the many benefits of being a Chemeketan, click the button below:

For some basic information on the clothing and gear you will need to participate in Chemeketans activities, see Trip Essentials.

For general information, contact the Membership Secretary at, or write to The Chemeketans, c/o Membership Secretary, PO Box 864, Salem OR 97308. If you send an email, use an unambiguous subject line and include a surface mail address and a phone number.