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Anyone want to Podcast w Zach Urness?
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Hey everyone,

Zach from the Statesman Journal reached out to me about doing a podcast he does talking about "scrambling Peaks".  After a few emails back and forth, below is what he is describing.  Sounds like more talking about "hiking peaks" and maybe get into some of the more technical ones in the conversation.  

If anyone has an interest in participating, you can reach out to Zach or myself.  As he mentioned, it's a good means to help advertise the club and/or climb school.  Zach has been a good supporter of us over the years.  I personally don't think I'm the best fit for this so hoping maybe a few others may be.

Mike P

Here is the message:

Hey Mike,


Well let me toss it as you this way. What if it’s a combo of trails that lead to high summits like Mt Mac, Bailey, South Sister, then add questionable ones like Thielsen, Broken Top. Just me and the other person would go back and forth talking about each place we know best? Just pick 5 each, talk about why each is cool. So I might pick …


Mount McLoughlin

Rock Creek Butte

Matterhorn / Sacajaweah

South Sister

Mount Thielsen


The other person could do:

Three Fingered

Broken Top

Middle Sister




Just an idea. Doesn’t need to be super perfect. Just fun and talking about mountains that are hard but WITHIN reach for the average in shape hiker backpacker and you can plug climb school and everything the Chemeks do so well.


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Zach Urness

Outdoors Editor

Statesman Journal / USA Today 

Office: 503-399-6801

Cell: 971-273-3384


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