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RIP David Roberts
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Thanks for the great share, Garry.
Are you going to be able to go to the theater and see “The Alpinist” next week?

“Frosty” Gill



I just saw that David Roberts died of cancer at 78:


He was a good climber in his own right pioneering many early and difficult Alaska Range climbs but also a better writer about climbing. I would recommend anything he has written.

I have criticized his autobiography for his elitist perspective (Harvard guy) and his misogyny (you’ll have to read the book) but I have to admit everything he has written about climbing is good or great—see Alone on the Wall and everything else. He understood climbing as a climber and he was a writer instead of a jock trying to be a writer (as in “We went up and it was hard and then it was cold and then it was hard and then we summited.”) Through his writing you see there is a weird philosophy to our pursuit that draws us to the mountains and together as climbers rather than just notching peaks.


Take care and have a good holiday weekend.








Garry Stephenson


Director, Center for Small Farms & Community Food Systems

Department of Crop & Soil Science | Oregon State University 

107 Crop Science Building | Corvallis, OR  97331





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